Open Door July 2009

This latest news magazine issued by Tower Hamlets Homes came through my door last night and is another regular newsletter we receive from a Tower Hamlets organisation, apart from East End Life.

I was interested to see that Sean McCann is in charge of a Resident Association Forum, to which only persons from “recognised” TRA’s are invited.

Having met Sean McCann only last week, it has become apparent that the Parkview TRA is not compliant and not officially recognised until the constitution suits the purpose. I am digging my heels into this and as Mr McCann will be at the next TRA meeting together with another officer specialising in helping Community organisations, I hope we will be compliant soon. I do support this system as to ensure that only democratic organisations become recognised as otherwise all sorts of groups can take over estates.

But on page 7 of the same leaflet (in thick card by the way and quite expensive) I read “Leaseholders’ Focus Group – Thursday 29 July” and that is for leaseholders only. I am dismayed because I have not come across any group that is for tenants only because normally I am told all meetings have to be open to leaseholders and tenants alike, it is an absolute must.

Yet I find that in Tower Hamlets Leaseholders are very well represented. They have their own, privately funded Leaseholders Association with their own office and business address. And now the council also runs a forum for them. Considering that leaseholders are up to 20.000 in arrears with their service charges and constantly complain about them, tenants seem to be the group of residents that currently pay better but get less services because of the financial gap that is created by the late or non payment of leasehodlers’ service charges.

I shall be looking into this a little bit more and please contact me if you share my interest in this issue.


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