After some effort, I have now finally succeeded in getting a new log-in for MyTHH to discover that the report a repairs section advises users to download Adobe Flash.

The problem with that is, that for Internet browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, which are used by people with laptops and desk top computers, the support for Adobe Flash will stop in December 2020. Internet Explorer shows a clear warning that Adobe Flash will no longer supported after December 2020.

This is probably the reason why Facebook had a major re-programming of their site and all graphics now look different.

Some games operating via Facebook, which use Adobe Flash make clear notices that they will no longer work via Desktop or laptop computers after December 2020 but will still work for mobile devices such as phones or tablets if you download as Apps.

I have written to MyTHH because their website does not have any notice on MyTHH making users aware that most likely if they use a laptop or desktop to access the service after December 2020, they won’t be able to use it, if it continues to operate on Adobe Flash on all service platforms.

People also complained about service functionality on Twitter.

I have not seen MyTHH having an APP to use their service and I am quite amazed that their technical advice is non existent about this.

I am just quite annoyed as well because the last time I tried to report a repair, which was not classified as urgent, the phone operator forced me to report that repair via MyTHH and refused to accept it over the phone.

THH must make the technical changes to allow the service to function.

Thank you from NW

Thank you for connecting and strengthening your community. It really has made a difference. To find out how to support your community further visit #thanksfromNW. We’ve had an amazing amount of volunteers helping to support, supply with food and help.

You may also contact us here directly via our contact form.

Chest hospital development approved

I am happy to say that the former Chest hospital has finally gotten the go-ahead for development. Planning App Ref: PA/16/03342.

whilst I, if given a choice, would always prefer a social housing development, I would also equally strongly oppose rotting buildings and decaying areas.

It will be a huge stimulus to our local area, when the former Chest Hospital gets developed. Shiny new buildings will look good in our neighbourhood.

Apparently also the last SNT Ward Panel has declared our estate as the most crime-free in the area.

We should make our future neighbours feel welcome.

Crest Nicholson. Grid Architects.

Door functionality

After writing to councillors, MP and THH, to alert them to design features of the new doors, THH have now confirmed that they will speak with AD about options. Our local Member of Parliament Rushanara Ali has also confirmed she is supporting this issue.