Bulk metering

Thames Water notified residents of Rosebery House on Sewardstone Road that they intend to install a bulk water meter that measures supply to the area on the 26. June 2017. Water will be turned off between 9:00 and 17:00 for up to 3 hours.

Thames Water say they install that water meter to measure water leaks in their supply system.

The letter does not mention that their service agents will knock on anybody’s door. So you do not need to let anybody in who says they are checking your water supplies on the day. Any problems need to be reported to 0800 009 3816.


THH safety assurance

Following the tragic and shocking events at the Grenfell Tower block, which prompted some residents to post on Facebook how concerned they are for our safety, Tower Hamlets Homes has posted letters of assurance through letter boxes yesterday.

In our block all tenanted flats and houses have wired in fire alarms. Also residents can additionally install personal fire alarms in their rooms.

Free Fire brigade safety checks can be booked by phoning 0800 028 44 28, you will get a free fire alarm installed by the Fire Brigade.

People are advised to NOT have bulky inflammable goods stored on their balconies and keep all public walkways and areas free of rubble.

Caretakers constantly monitor the estates for safety. Here at Rosebery caretakers have moved away external rubbish and recycling bins from the building.

Committee meeting 8.3.17

Residents are cordially invited to attend a committee meeting of the Parkview Residents Association.

Venue: The Glasshouse; Time: 19:00; Date: 08.March 2017.

The Agenda consists of the following points:

  1. Election of officers
  2. Report from the visit of Ann Sutcliffe LBTH Head of Asset Management on the future of the Glasshouse
  3. Report from the hall sub-committee
  4. Brighten your Balcony scheme
  5. Spring Party plan
  6. Regents Canal Moorings up-date
  7. A.O.B.

Residents who wish to table any items of concern prior to the meeting please contact the Secretary.


London Chest Hospital up-date

Since the filing of over 130 objections with the LBTH planning department directly and many signatures collected via various petitions, the council’s planning department has now informed campaigners that the applicants are expected to submit revised drawings for the scheme and that the council is likely to hold a fresh round of consultations. The time spans for this are not yet known, nor is the council able to anticipate such.

People will be notified of the further developments. Below find the full e-mail received by 38 degrees and sent out to signatories and campaigners:

Re London Chest Hospital – Planning Status Update

 The Borough are anticipating receipt of amended drawings from the applicant for the scheme.  The timescale for the receipt of these drawings is not presently known.  Discussions are on-going between the applicant and officers; with the outcome of these discussions anticipated to inform the nature of the amended drawings/scheme more generally.

 Following receipt of amended drawings it is fully anticipated the Borough will undertake a fresh round of public consultation on the scheme, with the usual 21 day period of consultation.

 The Borough are exploring the possibility of lodging (for a limited time period) any amended drawings and other application documents in a publically accessible building located close to the application site-  conscious of the concerns raised by a number of neighbours of the difficulty of navigating the documents on-line via the Council website and given the degree of local public interest in the scheme.

 Needless to say no date has been set for the application to be taken to the Strategic Development Committee .

 I hope this clarifies matters.


New canalboat housing proposal

We all know that the current housing crises produced as a direct result an increasing number of people living on houseboats permanently. Though currently houseboats can only moor for a maximum of 2 weeks on any particular spot before they have to move on.

Prior to the Olympic Park development many houseboats moored on the river Lea near the Olympic park but they had been moved on and can now be found along the Regents canal towards Hackney.


View on the Regents Canal with Parkview blocks on the right hand side, where the proposed permanent moorings would go, destroying all trees, shrubs and wildlife habitats in the process.

Along our estate Parkview, there are double rows of boats moored on the park side of the canal. I walk along there frequently on my way to the London Aquatic Centre and see that their lifestyle has been adapted to make the best of what they got. The footpath next to the canal makes important living space for canal boat dwellers to socialize and do some craft work or repairs, sit and meet.

In the latest twist to the canal boat dwellers a development company has come up with a plan to create permanent canal boats for rent and moor them alongside the Parkview estate on the estate side of the canal.


proposed moorings and walk way to the mooring site from Sewardstone Road Picture 1


continuation of above plan to the right

The Parkview Tenants and Residents Association currently collects signatures against this proposals because the houseboat moorings would mean that the current natural river bank would be removed, all trees and shrubs cut down and a cement wall would allow the mooring of the boats. Those boats would be for rent on a permanent basis, so residents there would have tenant rights.

A footpath would lead to the mooring site and electricity, gas and water supplies would also be permanently installed and waste be removed via a waste pipe system.

The problem that exists is that

  1. opposite the Estate mooring site is already a double row of temporary boats moored and there is not enough space on the canal to permit both sides of the canal to be occupied by boats, so this would result in severe congestion or blockage of the canal
  2. The moored boats on the estate side would be only 3 metres away from the back gardens of the housing block residents and where would the boat occupants go to stretch their legs or spend time outside of their boats, as they do on the other side of the canal.

I add a link to a clip from a BBC interview about living on a boat. There are concerns that the current housing crisis cloggs up canals.

If you are interested in this issue and have a vested interest to prevent this scheme from going ahead please get in touch with the Parkview TRA secretary via the form below. A petition has already collected 85 signatures to date.