THH ASB team

Parkguard-thhTower Hamlets Homes now have an ASB team patrolling their estates, including Parkview.

Twitter handle is @Parkguard_TT and there is also @THH_ASBTEAM.

ASB reporting via the normal channels though, see details on our ASB page.

anti-pollution initiative

Today is a day of Global Climate Strike. We all need clean air and there is now a new initiative that enables everybody to take part in a huge process, which will contact all of our Members of Parliament and hand a petition to government with the aim of reducing air pollution.

If you visit the website, you can input your postcode, select your exact address and get a reading of air quality in your neighbourhood. You then get the option to take part in a petition, also involving Tower Hamlets Council to reduce air pollution in our area.


Find out what your addresses’ air quality rating is and have the option to demand action.

As you can see from the sample picture above, Sewardstone Road, right next to Gatehouse School, had a rating of 3, which exceeds the annual legal limit and one can then press the button Demand Action, to get to a petition page. This rating of 3, is despite being located next to a park and having a medium tree cover in the area, it is just due to the constant through traffic. Our estate is surrounded by busy roads.

I think that is a good idea for our estate residents to take part in. If your browser doesn’t immediately throw up the result, try refreshing the page, it did the trick for me.

What we could demand for Parkview roads are vertical moss walls or even just planting house walls with climbing plants, which reduce pollution considerably.

THH management of estate

As the Overview and Scrutiny Committee report with date of 15. August 2019 establishes, the Committee resolved that the decision of ALMO management of council housing in the borough has been referred back to the Mayor for reconsideration.

I understand that the majority of other Labour led councils opted for council housing to be managed in-house.

Councillors were concerned that engagement with residents was insufficient, that across London other ALMOs are different to that presented in the Altair’s report and that the report wasn’t part of the consultation and didn’t consider HRA debt, value of in-house management or savings for potential in-house management options.

The call-in recommended that the THH housing management should be extended for a maximum of 2 years to undertake a full consultation.

Yet Mayor John Biggs has confirmed his decision of 31. July 2019.


Change to water charges

Tower Hamlets Homes will cease to collect water charges from 30. September 2019 and from 1. October 2019, water charges will be collected directly via Thames Water.

Thames Water will contact us directly about further to tell us more.

It will be interesting to see what the proposals are.

water flows from the tap to sink

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Residents meeting

Yesterday’s residents meeting was very well attended and I would like to thank all those who contributed to the discussion. Councillor Sirajul Islam also came and enriched the meeting, which was very well led by our chair Cathrine Powell.

People are invited to participate in groups around

  • cycle storage
  • gardening

There is a particular green conscience with residents suggesting a green belt with fruit trees and shrubs. Any bare spots on the estate can be planted up, please get in touch.

There are still problems remaining from the botched Mayor Works program, please contact our Residents Association with your comments about this.

Recycling rates should be increased and more efforts need to be made to put the correct items into the recycling bins.

Support was pledged to keep Raine’s Foundation school open.

Please also see our ASB page for advice on how to report problems.

Please go to our contact page to get in touch if interested. You may also request addition to the Residents Association mailing list.