Parkview Neighbourhood Watch

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch

We are proud to work in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and especially the Bethnal Green North Safer Neighbourhood Team.

The Neighbourhood Watch came into existence in July 2007, and is tenants and residents led.

The Neighbourhood Watch has generated projects like

  • The playground behind Mark House
  • speed barriers to stop cyclists racing through the estate
  • parking around the estate
  • anti-social behaviour
  • responsible landscaping of the estate
  • sits on Safer Neighbourhood Panel
  • CCTV petition
  • Queen Jubilee Big Lunch
  • subsidence dangers from trees

Our aim is

  • To know our Neighbours
  • Be Neighbourly
  • Be active in our Community.

We would like to stress that residents can always communicate any concerns via Crime Stoppers completely anonymously either online or per phone by calling 0800 555 111.

Neighbourhood Watch will always encourage everyone to have enough courage to report activities that concern our safety. We;ll gladly advice on how to achieve effective results when complaining about a problem.

Johanna Kaschke Neighbourhood watch

Johanna the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch coordinator

To ask for personal advice you may call 020 8980 9495 (answer phone) or ring 07919444661, please send a text first to announce your call if your number is not known to me.

Persons wanting to receive Safer Neighbourhood Police online communications can now register with the OWL website. You will get direct reports about ongoing situations in our area.

To register with our local Neighbourhood Watch please register via this link.

or contact us via the form below.
If you have any questions about the Neighbourhood Watch scheme, please fill in this following form and all fields are required please.

Please register with OWL, the current Safer Neighbourhoods Police information and communication system.

Further information can be obtained from the Met Police website. Please also see the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch website.

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch is part of the Bethnal Green Safer Neighbourhood.

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