Legal Statement

This is the Web blog of a tenant and Neighbourhood Watch coordinator on Parkview Estate in London E2 UK.

I am a tenant on the estate since 1989. The blog was created with funding from Met Police as part of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme set up on the estate by myself in 2007.

The legal website name is

The website is also run as a blog named Parkview Estate near Victoria Park.

The blog is run as that of the Residents of the Estate. All Residents are members of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. However in 2020, the newly formed TRA asked me to make it clear that this blog is run by an individual and not by the Residents Association.

I do publish the postings of the Residents Association’s Twitter feed on the blog as well as the local Police Twitter feed.

This website aims to make information available to residents of the estate and the local area what community facilities are available and to make residents aware of crime prevention methods and to strenghten the resilience of the local community against crime. It links to local organisations facilitating communcal activities.

The Parkview Tenants and Residents Association is abbreviated as TRA

The Parkview Neighbourhood Watch is abbreviated as PNW or as Parkview Estate Neighbourhood Watch PEN.

Any authors publishing on this platform of Parkview Residents is responsible for their own posts.

The Glasshouse Community Centre is the responsibility of Tower Hamlets Homes, who award the contract to administer the Glasshouse Community Centre and run community services there. Volunteers from the Residents Association provide community services and run the centre. Please contact Tower Hamlets Homes if you have any queries. The owner of the Glasshouse is Tower Hamlets Council.

This site is run entirely by volunteers and views voiced are the opinion of the individual author unless otherwise stated.

Each tenant and leaseholder on Parkview estate is invited to contribute to this blog. Please contact the editor if you wish to contribute and you have not yet been invited to do so.

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