Parkview Estate

Parkview Estate is located in a triangle to span Sewardstone Road, St. James Avenue, Old Ford Road in London E2.

A drawn image

Within the estate you see a gap, that incorporates at the North St. James the Less church and south has Gate House School. Between St. James the Less Church and the school is the Glasshouse Community Centre.

The Parkview TRA has been in occupation of the Glasshouse since at least 1993. The Glasshouse is a bespoke design community centre constructed in the mid 50s, towards the end of the period in which the entire estate was built. The estate lies within the Victoria Park Conservation area.

The Glasshouse is constructed of concrete with brick in-fill; ithas a highly original cantilevered frame construction, with glass window elevations to the entire elevated first floor levels, contained by metal framed windows and a continuous roof structure formed by three undulating curves, which are reminiscent of the concrete shell roofs used during the Second World War to cover aircraft hangars.

The Parkview Estate was constructed between 1950 and 1955 by the LCC, London County Council. It was designed by Debmetz & Birks, using a Swedish model as their inspiration. The estate is mentioned in Nicholas Pevsner’s “Pevsner Guide London S/East”, indicating that the estate is seen as a significant mid-twentieth century architectural design. The design guide also makes mention of the Glasshouse – it stakes that “within the estate there is a splendid community centre”.

Our estate incorporates 3 types of residents.

Tenants contracted with Tower Hamlets Homes

Tenants contracted with leaseholders of properties
Leaseholders of properties

Here are 2 resident led organisations, the Parkview TRA
and the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch.

Both organisations work in harmony with each other.

Our community centre is the Glasshouse.

The Glasshouse is situated on Parkview Estate, the correct address is The Glasshouse, Parkview Estate, 161 Old Ford Road, London E2 9QB. Here is a map.
The estate can be entered from Old Ford Road, near the playground, from Sewardstone Road, (walk past Gatehouse school and from St. James Avenue, next to the shops, walk through.

Parkview Estate is owned by Tower Hamlets council and managed by Arms length Management Organisation Tower Hamlets Homes and the area office in charge is

Housing & Customer Services Directorate
Bethnal Green Neighbourhood
Tower Hamlets Homes
1 Rushmead
Bethnal Green
London E2 6NE
Tel 02073645015
Fax 02073647384

Estate officer: Josephine Kiano

Housing Repairs helpline 0800 376 1637, Anti Social Behaviour hotline 0800 917 5918.

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