take care when shopping online

Black Friday is coming along and what you need to be aware of is:

  • Be selective where you shop
  • only provide necessary information
  • use secure, protected payment
  • keep your accounts secure
  • beware of unexpected communication

If things go wrong, contact your bank immediately and report the problem to Action Fraud https://www.actionfraud.police.uk or ring them on 0300 123 2040

St. George’s swimming pool

There is an ongoing petition to help St. George’s swimming pool re-open. St. George’s is used by many schools in the borough. My daughter won a gold medal there in the primary schools’ yearly borough championships, in which also Gatehouse pupils take part.

Please support this petition.

Primary school pupils at the yearly borough competitions

traffic calming and Sewardstone Road

The liveable Streets consultation has far-reaching consequences.

However, connecting this to the ongoing Government Ombudsman complaint, which has now been re-opened because Tower Hamlets Homes have appealed, I think this links in to the Liveable Streets issues.

Seeing how badly rusted the metal railings are alongside Sewardstone Road between Rosebery House and Sewardstone Road and how badly the wall underneath Sewardstone Road near Rosebery House is damaged, I wonder whether that would be addressed by the Liveable Streets program.

The wall is either crumbling because of the many very mature tree roots damage it or perhaps because of vibrations from traffic, the wall is being damaged or even both.

The proposed plans do not specify any remedial works within Parkview Estate. I can imagine that even a contraflow cycle lane on Sewarstone Road would suffer from the severely rusty metal railings on the Sewardstone Road.

I strongly recommend that all take part in the survey, which is now live online and look at the proposals, which have been popped through our letter boxes and state in their responses also the need to fix damage to the wall between Rosebery House and Sewardstone Road.

A small section of the damaged wall between Sewardstone Road and Rosebery House. The rusty railings are just about visible. Please state in your survey response that something needs doing about this.

Autumn walk-about

Went round the estate today with Chris from St. James the Less church. The church is within the Parkview Estate triangle.

Met others from Gatehouse school and residents in the streets. Observing strict distancing guidelines, as part of social care, we are able to maintain some contacts within the community.

Heard that there will be an accessible toilet in the Glasshouse up-stairs area, a very wellcome addition to the communal facilities. Has been needed since a very long time.

Tower Hamlets Homes will instal a car gate at the entrance to the estate from the top of St. James Avenues, letters are being sent as we speak.

The basket ball hoop in Sewardstone Road had to be removed due to abuse of the area issues.

And there are crime issues around the place, which are best resolved by constant reporting to the local police.

We have a reporting form people can use. Send directly to your SNT team unless it is an emergency, which you always must report with 999.

If you already have received a crime number for your particular complaint you can add further reports using this online form.

We do have a Neighbourhood Watch meeting using Microsoft Teams on 19. November 2020 but can only admit residents, which are known to us. If you want to take part please contact us using the form and/or send us proof of address with your email.

Festival of Discovery

Festival of discovery – online in 2020

Running online 20-21 November 2020, The Festival of Discovery aims to help people connect through lively discussions, entertainment, things to make and do and real-life stories from communities across the UK.

Join Eddie Izzard, Jo Brand, Mr Motivator and many more special celebrity guests and contributors as they set out on an exciting journey to explore what a better future might look like for us all.

Book your place now, it’s completely FREE and with new acts still being confirmed, there is something for everyone at www.thefestivalofdiscovery.com! #FestivalOfDiscovery

Community Safety Partnership Plan CSP

Each local Council has a statutory obligation to have a Community Safety Partnership (CSP) which must tackle crime and disorder, substance misuse and reoffending. As part of this, each CSP must develop a plan that addresses these issues in partnership with representatives from the Police, NHS Trusts, Probation and the Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC).

The current CSP plan and priorities expires on March 31st 2021. We are consulting with both professionals and local residents to ensure we develop a new plan that takes into consideration the concerns of local people and changes they would like to see.  

Please let us know by sharing and completing our survey by Friday 27th November 2020.

Neighbourhood Watch meeting

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch has a scheduled meeting for

19. November 2020 at 14:00 – 16:00

Venue, virtual meeting on Microsoft Teams.

All known members and regular attendees have been invited.

All residents and users of the Parkview Estate, Gatehouse School, St. James the Less Church and local shops in St. James Avenue can apply for membership of the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch on this web page:

As we cannot ascertain proof of address from any other agencies, we need to ask residents who are not registered on the Ourwatch platform to email us proof of address (a recent letter, invoice) if you want to get an invite to the meeting. Invites to be sent to either registration email on Ourwatch or email where the proof of address originates from.

It’s just the easiest just to join on on the Ourwatch website as this will require you to enter your address. All meetings details and agenda get published on the Calendar page.

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