Promised improvement about waste services

I had recently reported that lids were missing from recycling containers and that it took me quite a while to get those replaced.

Councillor Eve McQuillan also took this up on our behalf with the council who promised: ………….”A new residents and agent reporting portal is being rolled out on our website, which will streamline reporting and viewing information relating to waste collections and cleansing services. This is under review and being adapted currently as the council recognizes some of the difficulties that Ms. Joanna has described.”


Best advice for ASB and crime solutions

forest bike bulls

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“Police have asked anyone who has had a bike stolen in Hackney or Tower Hamlets in the past 6 months…to email with as much information about the bike as possible. (Make, model, colour and/or serial number, and a picture if available.)”

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Latest Advice on how to deal with ASB and crime. Follow simple steps to report and achieve results.



Neighbourhood Watch news

The National Neighbourhood Watch Network brings out the latest newsletter for all to find interesting information. Please click through to read their latest August 2020 newsletter and perhaps subscribe to all future editions on their website.

I also link to their newsletters from our Newsletters page.

I also recommend that all subscribe to OWL for the regular newsletters from our local SNT Bethnal Green team.

There is also a Neighbourhood Watch Impact Survey for all readers. Please take part. click 


Neighbourhood Watch activities

All residents who are carrying out Neighbourhood Watch activities on this estate are covered by Free Public Liability Insurance provided by our parent organisation Ourwatch.

When you next apply for or renew your home insurance you may want to state that you are part of a registered Neighbourhood Watch scheme and you may get a discount on the cost of insuring your home contents.

Please note that TRA activties like gardening on the estate are not covered by Neighbourhood Watch Public Liability insurance.

There is though a great example of Neighbourhood Watch community planting for a small pocket park, which was council funded. That initiative involved planting in a small area with very low level plants only. I am making enquiries whether the pocket park area was very much restricted to one small area or covered a larger area.

Please inform the main coordinator, which is myself, if you carry out Neighbourhood Watch activities it would help.

Please contact me if you require any meetings.

Foxy encounters

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Just read this charming story how a fox in Berlin amassed 100 shoes in a collection. People remarked about it on a Neighbourhood Watch website. read the story. If you have any interesting animal encounters let me know. I’ll publish.

I’ve seen Foxes about very early in the morning around the estate and the area.