Thank you

from our community to all those who serviced the estate, helped residents, delivered and cleaned and cared.

Also to our councillors and the volunteers running the Glasshouse Community Centre and the Residents Association.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



The effect of houseboats on residents in the winter has been severe because the fumes from fires in the boats rise up and affect residents quality of life.

We had asked for electric charging points for boats and also notice with delight that many houseboats carry solar energy panels.

Tower Hamlets Council provides advice for houseboat owners and we would strongly recommend to follow them.

  • Smoke control
  • Open fires and wood burning stoves
  • ready to burn legislation
  • Canal Boat users

Are a few points advised about on this page.

Smoke from canal boat users is also a big issue. Residents contact the council on a regular basis to report smoke nuisance. If using wood for fuel it should be well-seasoned and dry.

Waste wood should never be used as it is likely to contain chemicals that will be emitted when the wood is burned. Boat users should consider using smokeless fuels as an alternative.

The council has produced a “Cleaner Air for All on the Waterways” guide to help boaters protect their health, reduce pollution and improve the surrounding environment.

Residents can report smoke nuisance to the council’s Environmental Health and Trading Standards Service on 020 7364 5008 or email

Neighbourhood Watch Signs

We are delighted to announce that Tower Hamlets Council and Tower Hamlets Police are sponsoring Neighbourhood Watch signs for external attachment onto lamp posts.

Soon we plan to erect signs in Sewardstone Road, St. James’ Avenue and Old Ford Road.

If you wish to help with the attachment of the signs to lamp posts, please contact us.

To become a member of Parkview Neighbourhood, Watch please register here.

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch has been founded in 2007 and we work closely with

Please contact us in case of query

Community Action Day

from 12 noon – 4pm at Middleton Green, date 3rd December 2022

·  learn about the Council’s waste removal policy

·  do a litter pick, 

·  practise how to engage with local business

1. Stall at in Middleton Green Park as a base for activities including:
i. Various leaflets and publications on Council provided waste management and recycling provision and support
ii. A fun waste related activity which public can participate 
iii. Engaging about waste and recycling.
2. Short survey: Volunteers conduct surveys to ask residents, traders and visitors about environmental issues in and around the Bethnal Green area. 
3. Business engagement – Volunteer groups to carry out door to door engagement looking for businesses to sign up to TH_IS Community Clean & Green scheme, encouraging owners to take ownership of their impact on the local environment. Those who agree will be offered a window sticker and a graffiti/sticker cleaning kit to promote shop front cleaning and maintenance.
4. Litter picking: Volunteer litter picking groups will be operate every 30 minutes to help clean the area

For those of you who wish to help please see the following plan for the day 

Our draft itinerary for the day.
 11am – meet at Middleton Green Park BG if you want to help set up
 12pm – Live – event start
 1pm – 2pm – organised litter picks- little competition 
 2pm – 4pm – volunteer business engagement in coordinated groups – identifying partners and issuing graffiti kits and stickers
 1pm – lunch 
 4pm – close – derig and pack up
 5pm – offsite –

We would be grateful if you can pay us a visit and participate with any of the planned activities during the day. 

Employability event

employability themed event that the West Ham United Foundation hosting this Thursday 3rd November at the Foundation Hub in the Beckton offices. The event is part of the Employ me London programme that aims to support 16-24 year old young people who are NEET and have SEND.

Areas to be recruited from:

  • Tower Hamlets
  • Newham
  • Redbridge
  • Barking & Dagenham

For more details contact:

Antony Kyriakou

Garden maintenance

Overgrown, thorny, shady trees

Those trees produce a lot of shade and make it impossible to use the garden as such.

We love trees but not everywhere. Smaller plants need light. We can use the garden to plant flowers and food as soon as these shady trees are removed.

We have a record number of trees on our estate. In the region of 200 trees, which is a lot for an inner city estate. Let’s have some space for flowers, fruit, vegetables and let the sunlight in.

East Park school

Proposals to re-open the former Raine’s Foundation school as East Park School are under way. This should be interesting reading for our local parents and those interested in Church of England Secondary Education.

An open evening for interested parties is planned for Thursday 6. October 2022 from 6 – 8pm. You may plan ahead and book your place, for an in-person participation, using Eventbrite bookings.

Summer Festival

with free health check

Locksley Estate, 3. September 2022

Locksley Community Centre, Dora Street, London E14 7TP

family activities and games

  • Face painting
  • balloon modelling
  • bouncy castles and inflatables
  • Give-it-a-go sports
  • skating and cycling
  • crafting
  • local food stalls and vendours

Well-being and other services

  • Free health checks
  • Diabetes UK advice and information
  • vaccinations
  • social prescriptions
  • Health advice
  • meet your local wellbeing activity providers

Liveable streets survey

To be fair, I also want to publish a petition, which has been created by residents who want to keep the existing LTN measures. To sign this petition go here: Publishing this petition does not mean that I endorse it but just that I want to give equal voice to all who live here. Everybody against LTN already had the chance to express this in the council petition.

You may have received an email from the council consulting on removing all the Liveable Streets programs they have done so far. This is the link to the surveys (which is also contained in that email):

I would urge you to fill in all of the surveys as soon as possible – we have only until the end of the month. You can fill the surveys in even if you haven’t received a printed copy of any of them in the post. It may want you to enter a survey reference code – you can just leave that box blank.

Please forward to anyone else you know in the borough who would like to see streets which are safer for all members of the community. This survey can be completed by anyone in your household including children and also people who do not reside in Tower Hamlets can complete it.

There are a lot of different views about road use, please make yours known.

Chest Hospital news

I am delighted with today’s letter from Latimer, the housebuilding arm of Clarion Housing Group.

They have acquired the site from Crest Nicholson and promise

  • Erecting new hoardings
  • pruning trees
  • clearing overgrown vegetation
  • removing debris

Many of our residents have complaint about the depressing effect the hospital site currently has on us. I cannot wait for the new planning application.