Bring and share for all

You are cordially invited to come for a sharing celebration on Saturday, 18. December 2021 from 5pm onwards in the Glasshouse Community Centre. Please purchase tickets on Eventbrite for this event here


This is a non-alcohol event please.

You may bring any food or non alcoholic drinks.

We want to talk and reflect over the year and future to come for our community. All residents and friends are welcome. There is a kitchen with microwave and induction oven/hob.

Special Guest

Rabbi Gluck, OBE, President of Stamford Hill Shomrim and Chair of the Arab/Jewish and Muslim/Jewish groups.

This event is hosted by the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association. Chair Martin Shortis

Helping with car vandals

It has been brought to our attention that cars in the Parkview Estate had been broken into. When such vandalism happens it is often at night or few people actually evidence the crime.

It is possible within the current legislation that people with camera door bells, car video can share evidence of a crime with police. If people do not want to share to police directly, they can do so anonymously via our anonymous crime reporting facility. You do not have to give a name, number or email address. In fact we do not even monitor your IP address. So you are completely anonymously supporting your neighbours.

You can upload camera footage or pictures to us here.

It would be even better if everybody on Parkview Estate, signed up formally for Neighbourhood Watch, as we can notify each other quickly about things.

As Neighbourhood Watch member it is legal to share evidence with the main coordinator whilst it is illegal to share pics or footage with other civilians.

Of course you must always report any crime, car thefts, any other thefts directly to police for your insurance. You must obtain your own crime number.

However, anonymous evidence can be provided by anybody who has it.

To report a crime, which is still in progress always call 999

Become aWatch members, display stickers https://www.ourwatch.org.uk/

To report a crime, which took place already and offenders are no longer on site you can ring 101 or even can report to police directly via their Twitter account, which also allows you to upload pictures. Once you are on the Police Twitter account, press the envelope and you will be able to make a crime report, which will result in a crime number given to you after a short wait.

It is also helpful to have Neighbourhood Watch window stickers in the dwellings on the estate, it is statistically proven that criminals are 13% less likely to commit a crime if window stickers are visible.

THH resident training program

Starting on 4. December 2021 the Tower Hamlets Homes resident training program commences in local Tower Hamlets venues or online.

See the poster, which lists courses such as

  • safeguarding
  • First Aid session
  • Food safety
  • project management
  • mental health first aid

and many other subjects, see list

Bethnal Green Ward Panel

The next meeting of the Ward Panel is on 1. December 2021 from 18:30 – 19:30

To be able to attend you must notify the Bethnal Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team from Met Police who are our partners in this panel. Email: cemailbox.bethnalgreen@met.police.uk

Ward Panel membership benefits our community as the ward panel determines how policing resources get deployed in our Safer Neighbourhood Ward. See the ward panel handbook here.

The next meeting is at Queen Mary University and we will have elections for Ward Panel officers If there are more people than places, then those who regularly attend and have been member of the ward panel will get preference of entry.

If you wish to join Parkview Neighbourhood Watch then please do so by registering here.

We have a Winter social bring and share party on 18. December and our next watch meeting is on 15. January 2022.

Club Zone One

Winter Program for Dec ‘021

23rd 24th 29th 30th 31st

11:00 – 15:00

The Glasshouse Community Centre, E2 9QB

Winter Youth Programme of free activities for young females aged 11 – 16 from Tower Hamlets, Providing creative and fitness provision during the winter school holidays.

  • free lunchtime meals
  • creative workshop
  • fitness session

To learn more and register www.trappedinzoneone.com

Winter Warmer Concert

Winter Warmer Concert for the over 50s 

at The Ecology Pavilion,  on Thursday 9/12/21 2-4.30pm
Join us for an afternoon concert of festive music and song from 

  • The Sunshine Kings
  • St. Paul’s Way Secondary School Choir

Light refreshments will be served.

Seats allocated in advance and booking is essential due to limited numbers. Please book as a group if you want to sit with friends. Max 8 people per group.
Due to Covid-19, we are unable to hold a Christmas Tea Dance this year. There will be no dancing at this event. 
Bookings open from 10AM and 2PM Monday to Friday from Thursday 25th. November
To book ring   020 7364 3115 / 020 7364 7900or email festivalsandevents@towerhamlets.gov.uk
Free admission. This event is for Tower Hamlets residents only. 

Liveable Streets review

There is a review going on for the Bethnal Green area, which I publish here, as it also concerns us what happens in our area.

The following message was sent by Becca Jordan to the Weavers Community Forum:

“You will have likely have seen improvements to Bethnal Green’s streets, leading to a significant reduction in traffic. There are however increases in traffic where approved closures have been paused and concerns have been raised from residents regarding severance, particularly for north south journeys.

We are therefore undertaking a review and are speaking to residents, businesses and the emergency services to assess the impact of the scheme and see how we can make amendments to address concerns, whilst retaining the benefits of reduced traffic secured by the scheme.”

Key areas of focus are:

  • emergency service access throughout the area
  • Warner Place/Squirries Street
  • The closures at Pollard Road, Barnet Grove, Old Nicole Street
  • Ropley Street
  • Arnold Circus

Tower Hamlets would therefore like to invite your group to attend a drop-in consultation session on the local Bethnal Green Liveable Streets scheme.

Session 1

St. Peter’s Mission Hall, 56 Warner Place, E2 7DA,
Saturday, 13. November 11:00 – 14:30

Session 2

St. Peter’s Mission Hall, 56 Warner Place, E2 7DA
Wednesday, 17. November 16:00 – 19:30

Residents Association AGM

The Parkview Residents Association cordially invites all residents of the Parkview Estate to attend the

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date: Monday 15. November 2021

Time: 19:00

Venue: The Glasshouse Community Centre, 161 Old Ford Road, London E2 9QB.


  • Chairperson’s report
  • Treasurer’s finance report
  • Getting involved in Parkview Residents Association
  • Election of committee members
  • Proposed changes to THH tenancies

It seems that the RA is looking to appoint a new treasurer as the current one is moving away. Have you got the skills with spreadsheets and numbers? Yes, you want to help the local community, please step forward and come along.

Also attending will be

  • Tower Hamlets Homes
  • Bethnal Green Safer Neighbourhood Team
  • Parkview Neighbourhood Watch

The Residents Association is also seeking to appoint a part-time clerk to deal with lettings of the community centre and general admin at a rate of £10.85 per hour (LLW) for 4 hours each week.

Please direct any further enquiries to secretaryparkview@gmail.com


is fast approaching and we are making a poster available to those who cannot accept Trick or Treat and cannot print the poster themselves.

We will be at the Glasshouse on 23. October 2021 between 5 – 7. You can collect printed posters but must tell us in advance if you want to do so. We hope those knocking on doors at Halloween will respect the posters.

Please complete this form.

Lift maintenance consultation

Tower Hamlets Homes need your help. Their current contract with Precision Lifts is coming to an end. Please complete this survey so THH can ensure any new contract reflects the needs of our residents. Thank you https://surveymonkey.co.uk/r/thhlifts

Tower Hamlets Homes is responsible for servicing, repairing, and maintaining a total of 327 Passenger Lifts in our medium and high-rise blocks. This does not include maintenance of newly installed lifts that may still be within the warranty period. THH also service, repair and maintain 166 items of disabled lifting equipment for tenants/households with mobility difficulties and install new equipment for tenants upon instruction from Occupational Health.  

The current contract for the repairs and maintenance of lifts and disabled lifting equipment (stair-lifts, step-lifts, through-floor lifts, hoists etc) is held by Precision Lifts and will expire in 2022. As part of the re-procurement process, THH would like to hear from you to ensure our new contract reflects the needs of our residents.