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Ripe tomatoes

Whilst we have very little gardening space on Parkview estate, balcony boxes were my choice of growing tomatoes this year. Not knowing how large those beefsteak tomato stalks actually get, I struggled to keep them upright during those very windy nights. Even without the wind those stalks are not easy to manage in a window or balcony box.

The tomatoes are almost ripe

Still, next year perhaps tomatoes are better grown inside the balcony because of the problems keeping the stalks upright.

I’d also like to experiment with fastening the stalks horizontally somehow.

The Ombudsman decision

The Ombudsman found in my favour. I complaint with respect of a service failureto do proper landscaping and maintenance.

I have been awarded £75, which is very welcome. I shall donate the money to Parkview Neighbourhood Watch because I made the complaint on behalf of residents and their safety.

I up-load the decision notice for all to see.

You can toggle between pages by moving the arrow. I omitted page 3, which just contains the signature of the officer making the decision.

I am glad that all my moaning and efforts to improve the service provision has had some results. It considerably improves residents’ safety if service provision is good.

Lower Lea Valley action plan

There is a consultation on improving East of the Borough and Lower Lea Valley areas and perhaps create new green spaces.

“In January 2020, the council adopted its new Local Plan and we are now working on delivering the vision and objectives contained within it. We are also working on an Area Action Plan for the east of the borough (see map), which will provide more detail on how this area should develop over the next 10 years.”

The consultation is here to participate in. this consultation closes on 25. September