plant potatoes

potato-plantLow maintenance and giving a yield. We usually have a few potatoes laying around the house, which are starting to sprout and would go into our bins. But, we can make some use of it and put them into our window boxes.

It’s just the right time of year.

Put a whole potatoe into the earth and watch it grow into a green leafy plant. Later in the year this will develop white flowers and some small round fruits.


You can let the leaves hang over the balcony or window box. Just make sure you water regularly, especially when it gets hot in the summer.

It is very inexpensive and exciting for children, and adults alike, to watch the growing cycle and being able to eat the produce.

It also makes our window boxes green and pleasant.

window box gardening

Most flats have at least one window or balcony box included with their dwelling. A lot of vegetables can be seeded outside from late March/April. To avoid squirrels and birds digging out seeds or seedlings, I have started to use chicken wire to protect my patch.

window box

Most local supermarkets sell all kinds of herb, vegetable and flower seeds. Thre are also seedstrips available for easy use. Give it a try.  It can be joyful to just grow some cauliflowers, cabbages, chillies or potatoes. If you need advice on planting in your window boxes please contact me.