New NHS app

Got this message from my surgery that there is a new NHS app. I downloaded and registered. In order to do that, you need to

  1. take a photo of your passport
  2. record a video of yourself.

Once all this has been verified they accept you as user.

But if you are worried that the police use facial recognition, think NHS. Facial recognition becomes more used by various organisations. Even if you enter the UK, you may have to scan your passport, which compares against you as you stand in front of the booth.

This reminds me of the previous attempts to get more CCTV in the estate. We are lucky insofar that the entrance to our estate from the West is covered by the CCTV cameras placed at the entry of Victoria Park.

local health services

I am writing to ask residents wether they have problems getting GP appointments or other local health services.

Health services are very important for our community and when I was told by my GP, with whom I am registered since a very long time, that they do nto have any appointments at all, I found that very concerning.

Situations like that call for formal complaints. If any other residents have problems of that sort, please complain and raise the issue with a local councillor.