traffic calming and Sewardstone Road

The liveable Streets consultation has far-reaching consequences.

However, connecting this to the ongoing Government Ombudsman complaint, which has now been re-opened because Tower Hamlets Homes have appealed, I think this links in to the Liveable Streets issues.

Seeing how badly rusted the metal railings are alongside Sewardstone Road between Rosebery House and Sewardstone Road and how badly the wall underneath Sewardstone Road near Rosebery House is damaged, I wonder whether that would be addressed by the Liveable Streets program.

The wall is either crumbling because of the many very mature tree roots damage it or perhaps because of vibrations from traffic, the wall is being damaged or even both.

The proposed plans do not specify any remedial works within Parkview Estate. I can imagine that even a contraflow cycle lane on Sewarstone Road would suffer from the severely rusty metal railings on the Sewardstone Road.

I strongly recommend that all take part in the survey, which is now live online and look at the proposals, which have been popped through our letter boxes and state in their responses also the need to fix damage to the wall between Rosebery House and Sewardstone Road.

A small section of the damaged wall between Sewardstone Road and Rosebery House. The rusty railings are just about visible. Please state in your survey response that something needs doing about this.

Liveable streets

Survey now open from 2. March – 29. March online.

Drop in

  • Bonner Primary School, Stainsbury Street, London E2 0NF
    Wednesday 11. March 18:30 – 20:30


  • V&A Museum of Childhood, Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9PA
    Saturday 14. March 10:00 – 12pm

Our area was not included in the main Bethnal Green consultation but is included in phase 2, planned for 2020 – 2022 including :

  • Brick Lane
  • Barcantine
  • Shadwell
  • Old Ford Road West
  • Mile End West
  • East Ferry/St. John’s

Currently the council has started to consult on the Barcantine area.

Our estate is included in the Old Ford Road West scheme, see map here.

Parents who consider applying for Gatehouse School have enquired about perspective changes and consultations but so far our area has not been directly consulted other than the cycle route consultation proposed from Victoria Park through to Mile End.

From a Neighbourhood Watch perspective it would be interesting to enquire how traffic around our estate affects crime numbers, I shall endeavour to do that.

I will be back to you, once the consultation on our area has started.