Chest hospital development approved

I am happy to say that the former Chest hospital has finally gotten the go-ahead for development. Planning App Ref: PA/16/03342.

whilst I, if given a choice, would always prefer a social housing development, I would also equally strongly oppose rotting buildings and decaying areas.

It will be a huge stimulus to our local area, when the former Chest Hospital gets developed. Shiny new buildings will look good in our neighbourhood.

Apparently also the last SNT Ward Panel has declared our estate as the most crime-free in the area.

We should make our future neighbours feel welcome.

Crest Nicholson. Grid Architects.

Chest-hospital development

Unfortunately the former Chest Hospital is falling increasingly into disrepair, becomes unsightly and now graffiti is also overtaking the boards.

Had an intersting conversation with a neighbour and we came to the conclusion that it is better to build over good housing land rather than let it rot.

Those who argue that we need more social housing. I agree but we do not have a choice between a social housing and a luxury gated proposal for the Chest Hospital. We only have the luxuty gated proposal.

Our children will not get any housing if we refuse all developments just because they are not social housing enough. We’ll end up with no housing at all.

It is better to build the needed housing.

Unfortunately this council has not come up with a social housing project for the former Chest Hospital.

fruit tree planting

yellow wasp on blueberry

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Whilst the Residents Association was one of the major opposition voices against the new housing development at the former Chest Hospital site, they are also the ones who act in contradiction of their own policies.

Petitions and callers came around our block to collect signatures because the proposed Chest Hospital housing development will reduce the light in our flats. But, at the same time the Residents Association proceeds to plant large fruit trees in front of people’s living rooms.

Two on a lawn outside Rosebery House, another one on a lawn behind Sankey House. Those trees don’t look like much now, but they will get pretty big and cut out all the light for the flat behind them. I have not been around the estate to see them all.

There are some great urban gardening schemes in the area because some areas have been parcelled off into smaller container- holding allotments. But on our estate we get this fruit tree all over concept.

The idea of our estate, which is land-scaped is to provide light for flats by creating that space of lawn in front of houses. If that lawn gets planted with lower trees, the light in flats will diminish considerably.

I don’t think it has been thought through properly and this also can affect the value of properties and the enjoyment people have from their flats.

People can make their opinions known about this by contacting Tower Hamlets Homes. Apparently the fruit trees have not been provided by Tower Hamlets Homes but the Residents Association and I think it will considerable increase the workload of our caretakers when the fruit starts to grow on those trees and will fall onto the ground.

The Residents Association cannot guarantee a long-term maintenance program for those fruit trees either.

Whilst bees and wasps are attracted to fallen and rotting fruit, which is good in a natural environment, on a housing estate it is likely to lead to a nuisance. We all know how hard it is to sit down and have a meal when wasps and bees swarm around food left-overs. We will get swarms of bees around the fallen fruit on our lawns, near our walkways and windows and children can easily pick those up and get stung. The planned beehive will guarantee it and it will also attract more wasps. I remember having been stung by a wasp, whilst trying to pick up an apple and my hand was swollen to twice the size for a week.

Perhaps it would be a better idea to have fruit orchards planted in designated areas, properly maintained by trained staff in local parks.

I think the whole concept is flawed and should urgently be re-considered.




Chest hospital new plans drop in.

New plans discussion meeting on Tuesday, 12th. December 2017 @ 19:00 hours.

Chris Keys has submitted the following invite to residents via Change org.

The developers have now submitted a new set of plans for the chest hospital. initial reports indicate that the developers have ignored the main concern of local residents (the height of the new buildings) and have actually increased the height of the tallest tower at the Bonner Bridge end of the site.

Due to concerns about the accessability of the first set of plans and about the biased PR events the developers have staged we will be holding a drop in session at the glasshouse This Tuesday the 12th from 19:00 – 21:00. Where the submitted plans will be available to view.

Council Officers Gareth Gwynne and Simon Westmorland have agreed to attend in order to answer questions that you may have in relation to the proposals. They will not be there to present the proposals but rather they would be on hand to answer queries you may have in understanding the application documents.

It is also important to bear in mind that they will not be able to answer questions about the Council’s opinion/recommendation for the application given that it would not be proper for them to do so prior to the close of the consultation period. The purpose of their attendance would be to answer queries in relation to the specifics of the proposals, eg number/type of units, height of buildings etc.  Please also be aware that this would not be the forum to formally present any objections you may have, this should be done through written representations to the Council as is the usual process.

We encourage anyone with an interest in this matter to come and see the plans for yourselves rather than relying on the biased accounts presented elsewhere by the developers.

Tuesday December 12th, 19:00

The Glasshouse community centre 161 Old Ford Road, London E2 9QB

Chest Hospital developer meeting

A consultation invitation has been posted to all addresses in the neighbourhood. But just in case you missed your mailing, here is the invite to all again:

public exhibition of the updated designs at the Bethnal Green Methodist Church on Approach Rd (E2 9JP) on Wednesday November 1st 14:00 – 20:00