Parkview Residents Association

The Parkview Residents Association represents the people on the Parkview Estate

  • Mark House
  • Sydney House
  • Pomeroy House
  • Sankey House
  • Rosebery House
  • Cleland House
  • Goodrich House
  • Kemp House
  • Piggot House
  • Some houses on Sewardstone Road

The current committee: (This is due for an up-date shortly)

  • Chair: Catherine Powell
  • Vice-chair: Chris Keys
  • Secretary: vacant
  • Treasurer: Rosalind Griffin

Committee: Martin Shortis, Johanna Kaschke, Debby Kennett, Kathryn Busby, Catherine Powell.

Contact the TRA c/o The Glasshouse, 161 Old Ford Road, London E2 9QB or e-mail

The TRA is independent from the Neighbourhood Watch Group. The Parkview RA runs the Glasshouse Community Centre and is meeting regularly to discuss issues such as repairs, charges, gardening, general maintenance, legal issues, community events, Glasshouse.

A community meeting can be called on a resident’s behalf for any issue people want to talk about.

A separate page will list meetings .


2 thoughts on “Parkview Residents Association

  1. Hi there do u still hire the glass house out for private functions if so do u have a price capacity and the latest time it’s avaible till .

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