Housing development at Bethnal Green

Telford Homes are ready to put their emerging planes for the development of the former LEB building under scrutiny.

The old site will be transformed to bring the area around Bethnal Green station into the 21st Century and that will develop the local area.

Please do not hesitate to visit the Telford Homes website where the plans are published online and also there will be a public consultation on Thursday 2nd November 2017 at the New LIfe Bible Church near Bethnal Green station, between 5pm – 8pm.

I went today to a private viewing as Parkview Residents Association was asked for input. I am very pleased that so much positivity radiates from the new plans into the area and community.


Oppose alcohol sales all day in Victoria Park

As I understand an application has been made to sell alcohol in Victoria Park between the hours of 10am to 6pm.

I strongly oppose this scheme as there are families with children in the park and if alcohol is sold in such a big environment, people who drink will not be contained within any certain area but can roam around the park in a drunken state all day.

This will reduce the quality of the area to low.

The Parkview Residents Association is collecting signatures with a petition against the scheme. If you wish to support this petition please complete the form below.

Chest Hospital developer meeting

A consultation invitation has been posted to all addresses in the neighbourhood. But just in case you missed your mailing, here is the invite to all again:

public exhibition of the updated designs at the Bethnal Green Methodist Church on Approach Rd (E2 9JP) on Wednesday November 1st 14:00 – 20:00

Bethnal Green Community Safety

At the Walkabout in April 2017 for the Bethnal Green Ward, issues were recognised and acted upon.

Please see enclosed the newsletter that reflects upon the local policing issues.

Issues include Parkview Estate Pomeroy House.


As mentioned in the previous post, residents wishing to become members of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel for Bethnal Green please register with OWL. The next panel meeting, by invitation only, will take place at the Glasshouse.

Estate concerns query

I am one of the residents that represent residents on the Neighbourhood Safety Panel that is run in conjunction with the police and meets approximately every 3 month. The next meeting will take place at the Glasshouse; participation is by invite only. If you are interested in being on the panel please register with the website OWL and express and interest. In the meantime please provide an input with the form below:

Please let me know, by using the form what your problems are; e.g.

  1. Did you report Safer Neighbourhood concerns and they remained unanswered?
  2. Did you report Anti-social behaviour, which wasn’t dealt with?
  3. Do you feel unjustly persecuted by false accusations?
  4. Are there any other issues you want me to report?

Please select the option(s) that concern you and state your reasons, giving as much details as possible, including when and where you reported issues previously. Your report will remain anonymous unless you check the box to waive anonymity.

I require responses by 15th. October 2017.

Please note this form does not replace reporting problems to the authorities, e.g. the Council’s anti-social behaviour hotline or the police emergency services.