Emergency measures needed over failure to collect rubbish

th-rubbishNot only have bin collectors gone on strike but also an action of vandalism of our bin lorries, stops rubbish being collected.

Whilst many are asked to self-isolate, not travel unless absolutely necessary, the only journey many will make is to deposit rubbish and recycling into bins.

How can this be allowed to go on when we have a pandemic forcing school closures and the cancellation of social gatherings?

We need the hygiene to also extent to our streets and not only our homes. Alhtough this picture is not from our estate, it is a general situation throughout the borough. I understand our own caretaker does his utmost to distribute rubbish through empty bin chambers, there is only so much room available.

Mayor, do something now.

In the neighbourhood today

policevan-divingA large police van parked in Approach Road, near the canal. Police divers will do a diving exercise in the canal today, around the bridge and where a lot of boats are anchored.

Corona Virus

Some sensible advice.

Clean all frequently used and shared surfaces, especially

  • front door
  • floors
  • doors and handles
  • letter box
  • light switches
  • fridge and cupboard handles

Wash your hands when you get home, after bathroom use and before you eat and try to wash your hands at least every hour.

Do not touch your face when in public spaces whilst you touch surfaces. Only touch your face after you washed your hands thoroughly. If in public and you need to sneeze, have a tissue to sneeze into or sneeze into your sleeves.

ration20Please stop panic shopping. Supermarkets run out of essentials like nappies or toilet paper. Some people cannot be at the shops first thing in the morning, so please leave some supplies for others.

The Competition and Markets Authority wants to enforce that traders do not exploit the situation by charging excessive prices. See full article.

Symptoms of Corona virus mainly are

fever, cough and breathing problems. If that occurs ring 111. The general advice is to self-isolate for about 2 weeks. In some cases 111 cannot get back to you fast. Corona virus may be fatal for people with other severe health problems. The NHS will give those patients preference.

Most residents know their elderly neighbours, keep an eye on them, especially if they are not looked after regularly. I still would urge people not to open the door to strangers unless they have an appointment.

Only help others if you are healthy yourself and remember that you can only get infected if you are within 2 meters of a person.

For NHS advice click here




New NHS app

Got this message from my surgery that there is a new NHS app. I downloaded and registered. In order to do that, you need to

  1. take a photo of your passport
  2. record a video of yourself.

Once all this has been verified they accept you as user.

But if you are worried that the police use facial recognition, think NHS. Facial recognition becomes more used by various organisations. Even if you enter the UK, you may have to scan your passport, which compares against you as you stand in front of the booth.

This reminds me of the previous attempts to get more CCTV in the estate. We are lucky insofar that the entrance to our estate from the West is covered by the CCTV cameras placed at the entry of Victoria Park.