Change to water charges

Tower Hamlets Homes will cease to collect water charges from 30. September 2019 and from 1. October 2019, water charges will be collected directly via Thames Water.

Thames Water will contact us directly about further to tell us more.

It will be interesting to see what the proposals are.

water flows from the tap to sink

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Water problem up-date

The guys from Hertel have just been and just found out the same thing as the emergency workers from Gems found out last night but in addition said that all piping on the roof is insufficiently insulated.

The roof is sllippery as an ice rink and Hertel are dealing with domestic water supply tanks only and not with the mains supply and the mains supply is the problem. As I knew all along but the plumbing in this block is so complicated that is usually takes new workers a couple of days to work out how it works because they are not sufficiently briefed by the technical mangers.

I now ring the repairs hotline back up again and tell the same story again that it is not a problem with the tank for domestic water supply but the mains that are frozen.

12:45 pm, the next worker arrives to look at the problem and again I ask for something effective to be done, mainly because I cannot use my washing machine. Most laundrettes have been closed in the area because everyone has their own washing machine. There used to be a laundrette in the Glasshouse, there was one in Wellington estate but now we can no longer rely on a good spread of public service washing facilities, sufficient to cope with the demand.

In conclusion the Service Improvement Working Group that Tower Hamlets Homes runs seems to be a mere talking shop that cannot achieve anything because when it matters, the service provision is totally inadquate and time and money wasting.

water supply Rosebery House

I just came off the phone to the repairs hotline and been told that Tower Hamlets Homes received many complaints not just from nos 9, 12, 15 Rosebery House.

I have explained the situation again and the matter is now passed to the senior managers in the technical section.

We have not had any drinking water since yesterday morning. I rang up at 7am and told to ring back at 8am.  I rang up at 8am and been told to ring up after 9am.

At 7am the water was still trickling through the pipe and it could still have been defrosted then and Tower Hamlets Homes repairs services refused to take action.

Now the strange situation is that all our domestic appliances and the hot water and boiler depend on the drinking water supply. Why do we need drinking water for our boiler and in our washing machine in any case?

I have now asked that an emergency circumvention of the plumbing system takes place so that boilers and domestic appliances get fed from the domestic water supply instead from the drinking water.

Last night  the worker from the Tower Hamlets Homes emergency services told me that 9 inches of the water-pipe on the roof of our block have not been insulated and that is why the drinking water supply is frozen, apparently our drinking water goes up on our roofs and is then diverted into vertical stacks to the flats.

I have now written 2 letters to Tower Hamlets Homes and think it is intolerable that we cannot even have our washing machines running because the drinking water supply is frozen in the pipes. We can always buy water in the shop but our washing machines don’t work without constant water supply through a pipe.

EcoTeams Program

You can gain a certificate that is endorsed by the UNs Environment program, if you participate in a 1 day event on Saturday 26 September 2009, ring Halim Abdul on 02073642631 or email him on for a place. This course is at Mulberry Place, in the town hall of Tower Hamlets council.

It’s all about being “Green”, how much energy and water we use and how best to recycle. You can become a local team leader if you can spare 2 hours per month over 4 months.