East Park school proposal

On the site of the former Raine’s Foundation school, there is a plan to open up a free school. The partnership is between Fulham Boys School and the Raine’s Foundation Trust. See the new website advertising the scheme.

The proposed new secondary school, needs a good register of interest to be able to show that people are interested to send their kids there.

I would like to see some life back in the Raine’s building. Please support the proposed new school if you can.

Foxy encounters

close up of fox on grass
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Just read this charming story how a fox in Berlin amassed 100 shoes in a collection. People remarked about it on a Neighbourhood Watch website. read the story. If you have any interesting animal encounters let me know. I’ll publish.

I’ve seen Foxes about very early in the morning around the estate and the area.

Free bike-marking event

Date: 18. July 2020, from 9am – 12 noon, outside our Victoria Park entrance of Sewardstone Road, Stepney Green Safer Neighbourhood Team are hosting a free mike marking and registration event. But, by appointment only.

Any of our residents who wish to have their bike marked and then registered with Bikeregister.com, will need to email StepneyGreen.SNT@met.police.uk for a registration form for that event on the day.

forest bike bulls
Photo by Philipp M on Pexels.com


Rule-changes for using Victoria Park

From Saturday 16. May the park will open from 7Am East side and  7:30 AM West side and close at 5pm. See all therules to observe. Have fun in our local park

As announced yesterday, by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, from Wednesday 13. May 2020 people are allowed to use the park again for sun bathing and group sports. People are allowed to use benches. We are also allowed to leave the home unlimited times.

However, people should only stay together closely only in groups with people they usually share a home with. All other gatherings need to show people staying 2 metres apart. So you can meet up with A FRIEND outside as long as you stay 2 metres apart.

Fines are increasing for breaches.

Further details on the new rules can be found here. I am still awaiting confirmation from Tower Hamlets council on the changes.

Please stay at home whenever you can, and stay away at least 2 metres from those around you.

A strong recommendation is that those who go to crowded indoor spaces like shops or public transport, please wear face masks.

Our park

Victoria Park is open for reduced opening hours from 8:30 – 16:00 and is a great opportunity to get a walk a day. Please note there are dedicated entry and exit points and all should keep to the left of a path. The park is patrolled by wardens.

VickyparkApril20Currently people are expected to keep moving and benches are taped up. So anybody planning a walk needs to consider which route to take because there are no resting stations.

People are currently not allowed to use the grass for sun bathing, everybody has to keep moving.

Plan a short walk around the smaller park if you are taking short walks and take the route around the large part if you can cope with that. The large park walk is around 3.5km long and takes 6.000 steps.

Walkers have to keep dogs on leads and all water stations have been taped up too, so bring a drink of water, if you anticipate needing one.

Our birds

animal avian beak bird
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tower Hamlets Park rangers run a series of nice events for bird lovers and those just trying to observe nature.

I have also put up bird feeders myself, and programs like Winterwatch have stimulated that.

There are a number of bird foods available like dried meal worms, fat balls, seed packs. I think that the Poundland store in Stratford has the largest and cheapest selection.

My own bird feeders have attracted a number of robins and other local birds, which are a delight to watch.

Committee meeting 8. Feb. 2018

All residents are cordially invited to attend a committee meeting of the Parkview Residents Association

date:     8. February 2018
time:     7pm
venue:  The Glasshouse


  1. Allocation of offices
  2. Program for the hall
  3. Update on ‘It’s your life’
  4. Minutes of AGM
  5. Market (Victoria Park)
  6. Chest Hospital update
  7. Bike shelters
  8. AOB

Oppose alcohol sales all day in Victoria Park

As I understand an application has been made to sell alcohol in Victoria Park between the hours of 10am to 6pm.

I strongly oppose this scheme as there are families with children in the park and if alcohol is sold in such a big environment, people who drink will not be contained within any certain area but can roam around the park in a drunken state all day.

This will reduce the quality of the area to low.

The Parkview Residents Association is collecting signatures with a petition against the scheme. If you wish to support this petition please complete the form below.