Club Zone One

Trapped in Zone One returns to Bethnal Green this autumn with Club Zone One in partnership with Parkview TRA.

Club Zone One Website and further details here:

As part of our continued youth provision programme we’re hosting a 3-month programme following the governments Covid-19 guidance from 16 October – 18 December 2021 for young females aged 11-18 from Tower Hamlets, providing creative workshops and fitness session with FREE lunchtime nutritious meals provided by a local food provider.

Every Saturday, 12:00 – 14:00
Glasshouse Community Centre, 161 Old Ford Road, E2

To register a young person to the programme, parents and guardians need to complete the registration form here.

Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, click here

Cycle shelter break-in

Been made aware that one of our cycle shelters had the lock tampered with, which was not immediately visible, the bikes have been stolen from the shelter and the lock has not been replaced.

There is a higher risk of security breaches with cycle storage units, which are not secured by CCTV or cannot be overlooked.

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch and the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association have raised the issue with Tower Hamlets Council. An article on the issue was published here.

In the meantime, I strongly urge all who are concerned to raise the issue with local councillors and report all thefts to the police by ringing 101 or doing this online on the Met Police website.

A shelter like this had the lock tampered with, not this particular but another one on the estate.

Bethnal Green ward Facebook group

There is a new Bethnal Green SNT ward Facebook group.

There are the latest statistics published each month and people from within that wider area can discuss Neighbourhood Watch issues. All SNT news letters will also be made available in this group.

Membership of this group is closely moderated and it is run by a police approved MSA from the National Neighbourhood Watch network.

Apply to join the group here | register with Ourwatch here

March 2021 depiction of harassment cases.

Covid-19 level 4

New Covid-19 restrictions will apply in London tomorrow (Sunday 20 December) until further notice:-

  • Stay at home-
  • Non-essential businesses must shut-
  • No household mixing on 23-27 December –
  • You can meet 1 person from another household outdoors

Additionally we recommend that everybody wears face coverings in any socially mixed areas like stair cases, lobbies and great caution is used during lift use.

Tower Hamlets Council advice page.

Neighbourhood Watch meeting

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch has a scheduled meeting for

19. November 2020 at 14:00 – 16:00

Venue, virtual meeting on Microsoft Teams.

All known members and regular attendees have been invited.

All residents and users of the Parkview Estate, Gatehouse School, St. James the Less Church and local shops in St. James Avenue can apply for membership of the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch on this web page:

As we cannot ascertain proof of address from any other agencies, we need to ask residents who are not registered on the Ourwatch platform to email us proof of address (a recent letter, invoice) if you want to get an invite to the meeting. Invites to be sent to either registration email on Ourwatch or email where the proof of address originates from.

It’s just the easiest just to join on on the Ourwatch website as this will require you to enter your address. All meetings details and agenda get published on the Calendar page.

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Covid-19 and communal areas

I have had complaints that there is not enough care taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in communal areas especially in housing communal areas.

I would strongly suggest a common sense approach.

See the brilliant THH Covid-19 poster. Unfortunately it is not in all blocks or entrances

The common sense approach is to

  • wear a face covering when entering the communal areas
  • have your own bottle of hand sanitizer with you
  • only one person at a time in a lift or only members of the same household together
  • when using stairs keep 2 meters apart
  • of course there are exceptions for people with a carer
  • When leaving the lift after entering your dwelling, wash your hands, remove the face mask.
  • Regularly cleanse and disinfect areas like door knobs, other surfaces you touch regularly like sides of doors, light switches.

We hope that all residents and local area users can enjoy good health. Please look at the recommended health advice on various providers