Estate notice boards

I welcome the installation of estate notice boards. On this one there is plenty of room to post items. However, I find myself unable to put a Neighbourhood Watch notice into one of them. THH tells me it is the Residents Association who has exclusive access and the chair of the Residents Association does not give me access. However I will email them again about it.

So I am currently approaching people to convince them that organisations such as Neighbourhood Watch work in the best interest of the community.

THH should be welcoming Neighbourhood Watch groups with open arms as they always complaint that they do not have enough resources to reduce ASB on estates.

A Neighbourhood Watch exists on Parkview since 2007 and our crime figures are really low.

I just wanted to put a perpetual leaflet about Neighbourhood Watch into the notice board because of the 50% of people who do not use the Internet in Tower Hamlets. It is also much more environmentally friendly to use a notice boards rather than leaflets in excess of 350 dwellings on a regular basis. All leaflets produce a carbon footprint.

But unfortunately our community liaison officer Yasmin Aktar is not very forthcoming. She refers me to the SNT police or the TRA to solve the issue.

At present I am writing to all housing providers and the council to enable the possibility for Neighbourhood Watch to be advertised on all communal notice boards and in libraries. It is a legitimate and useful organisation, which keeps completely within the law.

making complaints

My recent posts about noise and cargates from St. James Avenue into the cul de sac between Rosebery and Sankey House I had to withdraw because of legal issues.

As a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator I have to keep to the rules.

The case is I had been approached by a resident about his problem with noise being generated from a parking area near the Gatehouse school wall.

I have no problem with that because as I can show you, I cannot even see that area, nor can I hear a lot of noise from it. I did however complain about the tree being too near the house but apparently some people oppose the tree being removed. This case is currently still ongoing.

This is my view from my living room window and/or balcony. I cannot see the carpark.

I can only complain about things that affect me. I would not complain on behalf of a resident who is perfectly capable of making their own complaint. I would only complain on behalf of people who are either incapacitated or have no access to the internet or ask me in writing to do so. Everybody else needs to approach the housing provider THH here.

I could raise the issue as a general concern during an estate walk-about with the estates officer why there is no cargate but that is as far as I can act.

All particular complaints need to be made formally and then the rule generally is, the more people complain about an issue that is generally unpleasant for them, the more attention will be paid to the issue.

I did have the cycle gates installed because obviously this issue caused direct health and safety issues for all who used the walkway near St. James the Less vicarage and Sankey House but the cargate problem doesn’t cause such direct threats to people’s safety as of now.

Looking at the crime figures in the area, we do not have a rise in burglaries in the area. If there was it would be raised at the SNT Panel meeting, which would prompt extra police support for the issue.

People can use this online form to directly voice concerns to the local police. You can see all relevant statistics here.

Please contact me if you have further comments about this.

Newsletter 2020

The latest newsletter from the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch will be delivered to your doors shortly. Please go to the newsletter page for details.

Nobody from Neighbourhood Watch will knock on your door or ask to gain entry into your flat. All contact information for Neighbourhood Watch on this estate will be on the leaflet and you can choose to get in touch if you want.

For the latest crime figures in this area please go to Ourwatch and input your post code to find up-to-date information. Or use this link here. According to the map our estate looks pretty save.


Balcony tomatoes

balcony tomatoesMy balcony tomatoes have grown into unbelievable dimensions. I just put some seeds into my balcony tray to see what happens. And this is what happened. I just put seeds from actual tomatoes into the soil, like those multi-coloured ones, you can buy these days.

I don’t think there are any height restrictions for plants to put into balcony planters or window boxes. It is however turning out to be difficult to stop the stalks from collapsing. But, I’ll do my best to grow those tomatoes for this year but recommend that people rather grow tomatoes within the balcony, from perhaps a grow bag or pot.

Next year, I know better. But this year, I see home-made ketchup coming up. Balcony gardening is a great past-time and some plants, like tomatoes, do not need a lot of attention. They are happy with being watered twice per day and getting a bit of tomatoe fertilizer off and on. So anybody who works can grow some home-grown tomatoes without much effort.

It’s nice to see home-grown produce, however small the growing space.