Help improve fire safety

Tower Hamlets Housing Forum and London Fire Brigade are working together to promote fire safety in our borough, and we want to involve residents in getting the message out.
We are making a series of short films where you can discuss your fire safety concerns or issues that you’ve experienced with someone from London Fire Brigade. They will offer advice and guidance to help you.
The content that we create will be used across social channels and partner websites to promote fire safety and signpost residents to further sources of information and advice.

We are looking for up to 10 community contributors, from a range of backgrounds to represent the diversity of Tower Hamlets.
We will be offering a £50 voucher, as  a  thank you to everyone who participates in the project.
Closing date for applications 31 March 2022

For more information, contact: Lisa McCann,

 Fire Safety Team Leader

t. 07984451667


Health and well-being festival

This free festival, organised by Tower Hamlets Homes takes place over 2 weeks.

  1. Collingwood Community Hall
    Saturday, 12. Feb. 2022,
    11am – 3pm
    Orion House, Barnsley Street
    London E1 5RB
  2. Christian Street Community Hub
    Saturday, 19. Feb. 2022,
    11am – 4pm
    30 Challoner Walk,
    London E1 1AZ


  • Health MOT check
  • smoothie bike
  • healthy eating and cooking session
  • fitness taster sessions
  • mental health advice
  • kids activities
  • face paining
  • employment support
  • reducing loneliness

Contacting Tower Hamlets Homes

Apparently today, an email sent to THH via their email address has been returned as full and unable to accept further mails.

Please use the THH Twitter account to converse with them or use your MyTHH account.

When contacting any organisation on twitter, click the envelope and put what you want to say into the communications box, so it stays confidential.

Thrive Jobs Fair

Tower Hamlets Homes Thrive Employment and Training Program

Wednesday, 15. September 10am – 2pm

Financial Health Centre, Raynham House, Harpley Square, London E1 4EA


THH are hosting a jobs fair along with the launch of their new THRIVE Employment and Training Program.

Come and meet directly with employers in the Hospitality, Retail, Security, Catering, Nursing and Teaching Assistant sectors, and much more, including training opportunities

For more information call 020 7364 2200

urgent appeal

It has come to our attention that a resident around the Glasshouse area (exact details cannot be published at this time) is regularly

  • harassing community volunteers
  • neighbours
  • committing hate crime
  • is homophobic

We urge all affected to contact us immediately.

It has a very depressing effect on the community is one individual can intimidate neighbours and volunteers.

Please do contact us with any details of problems suffered through this.

If you have pictorial evidence you can submit anonymously through this link. Please do not share anything on social media at this time. Contact us via our contact page to discuss this with us directly.

In case of being insulted or attacked, please call 999. Keep records of all incidences of verbal or other insults directed at you.

Do not suffer in silence, not saying anything will not improve the situation. This matter has been reported to police and to Tower Hamlets Homes.

Any person who has suffered any type of racial assault can be referred to the Council’s Hate crime unit for counselling with consent. Please contact us.

THH financial health survey

Please see below an anonymous survey Tower Hamlets Homes are carrying out in regards to their Financial Health Centre. THH want to seek feedback from residents on how they can improve and what people would like to see more of.

The survey will close on Tuesday 10 August 5pm. To complete the survey, visit:

New Unity doors

Let me thank all the operatives who work very hard to instal the new doors for all THH tenants and those opting to have them installed.

Whilst I now have first-hand experience of the new door, I must make recommendations to all who also have had them installed or plan to have them installed.

The doors comply with the latest national Firesafety regulations. Please see a data-sheet enclosed.

The doors have a more secure lock and key, the latter looks distinctly different from the previous standard type Yale key.

I would like to recommend that you lock your door with your key each time you leave your dwelling, even for a short time. The door remains open unless it is locked either from the inside or the outside.

The automated closing with the latch will only bring across bolts, but they do not lock the door, even if it sounds like your door is shut, it is not.

If you share your dwelling with others and those remaining inside whilst you leave cannot immediately lock the door from the inside, you are strongly advised to lock the door from the outside every time you leave as – if the person/s remaining inside cannot secure the door when you leave, – the door remains open.

It is similar to a car. You would never leave your car door open. I suppose it would invalidate a home burglary insurance if you failed to lock your door, even for a short while and then somebody enters your dwelling without your permission.

posters damage tiles

I have had quite a lot of communications with Tower Hamlets Homes about them sticking posters into communal areas with duck tape and strong sticky tape. Yesterday those THH letters were removed and replaced with letter from the Mayor through our letter boxes.

The damage from the removed notices can be seen on the pic.

It must be cheaper for THH to put up notice boxes permanently instead of using strong sticky tape, which removed the tiles as well as the poster.