Planned bicycle sheds on Parkview

Residents are cordially invited to attend a bicycle shed planning meeting

on: 26th May 2017

at: 11 AM

in: the Glasshouse Hall

Meeting will be attended by a Tower Hamlets Homes officer Jasmin.


London Chest Hospital up-date

Since the filing of over 130 objections with the LBTH planning department directly and many signatures collected via various petitions, the council’s planning department has now informed campaigners that the applicants are expected to submit revised drawings for the scheme and that the council is likely to hold a fresh round of consultations. The time spans for this are not yet known, nor is the council able to anticipate such.

People will be notified of the further developments. Below find the full e-mail received by 38 degrees and sent out to signatories and campaigners:

Re London Chest Hospital – Planning Status Update

 The Borough are anticipating receipt of amended drawings from the applicant for the scheme.  The timescale for the receipt of these drawings is not presently known.  Discussions are on-going between the applicant and officers; with the outcome of these discussions anticipated to inform the nature of the amended drawings/scheme more generally.

 Following receipt of amended drawings it is fully anticipated the Borough will undertake a fresh round of public consultation on the scheme, with the usual 21 day period of consultation.

 The Borough are exploring the possibility of lodging (for a limited time period) any amended drawings and other application documents in a publically accessible building located close to the application site-  conscious of the concerns raised by a number of neighbours of the difficulty of navigating the documents on-line via the Council website and given the degree of local public interest in the scheme.

 Needless to say no date has been set for the application to be taken to the Strategic Development Committee .

 I hope this clarifies matters.


Successful cities grow

Traditionally Bethnal Green North, at the most northern tip of Tower Hamlets, bordering on the Regents Canal and Victoria Park was always a very tranquil and quiet area of Tower Hamlets and Bethnal Green.

A few schools, shops and churches, the London Chest Hospital, the Childhood Museum were the few attractions in the area.

The new influx of residents that new housing developments bring, I am certain,are most welcome by our local shopkeepers and I think we must embrace the new residents that the Crest Nicholson project at the former Chest Hospital site will bring and that we can expect in the next few years and help them feel welcome.

Personally I would not object to the building of desperately needed new housing. There are a few petitions against in circulation but they are not made available to all residents at all times. There are many petition website like 38 degrees or to name only two, that collect petition signatures easily. Even this website collected petition signatures in the past.

All residents have the opportunity to also object to the planning permission directly via Tower Hamlets Council’s website. This is a very open process and I think all democratic processes need to be transparent.

I think we need to embrace change and be open to it. The prices of the new dwellings should not stop them from being built. There are other channels to demand the lowering of rental prices of homes for rent, rather than not built the homes.


A Tale of big cities

Yesterdays AGM of the Parkview Tenants and Residents Association, discussed the big new proposed changes affecting our area like the planned new dwellings on the site of the former London Chest Hospital and other plans wanting to change the canal bank from Parkview estate onto Regents canal, making it into a permanent mooring site for large houseboats for rent.
Both plans attracted various petitions against, though I have not been asked to sign any.

The agenda included the minutes of last year’s AGM, please follow link.
Furthermore the meeting gave me the chance to finally meet the new panel that established since Jackie Miller resigned from her post as Glasshouse administrator.
Allyson Matthews, the Tower Hamlets Homes, engagement officer, let us know that THH lets community centers to functioning TRAs for a token rent of £1 per year. The Centre needs many modernizations, though meets basic Health & Safety standards. It awaits to be discussed how much any party wants to invest into building maintenance of the Centre.
THH also pays yearly grants to TRAs at a rate of £100 + 50 pence per resident. As the Centre is likely to be used by more than just Parkview residents this should become a tidy sum!

Most needed is the ability to hold children’s’ birthday parties on Saturday afternoon without the use of amplified music.
There was mention that ASB reporting has changed and general advice given was to ring 101 who will channel the call or advice to ring 999 if needed.
That is all I had time for and I’ll have to wait for the minutes for further information.
Just one more addition the Parkview gardening group plans to give plants to residents to occupy their window boxes with.

London Chest Hospital development

Since the NHS sold the site to developers, only a fencing around the triangle has been erected. Some draft proposals were made. Once a definite planning application is lodged, local Councillors Sirajul Islam and Amy Whitelock-Gibbs offer to hold a public meeting.

Concerns issued centre around affordability for locals and a fitting style for the area.