Website news

Allow me to explain to followers and readers of this website, that the changes to the title of the blog and the under-title have been changed on request of the Parkview Residents Association.

The Residents Association, at the latest committee meeting has decided to ask me, as the publisher of the website, to change the appearance of the blog to make clear that an individual, myself, runs this blog and not the Residents Association, even though I am a member of the committee but could not attend the meeting due to health reasons.

I am happy to change the name of the blog and because I have been a tenant on this estate since 1989, I state this in the title. I am not certain whether the Residents Association, which is mainly made up of leaseholders, want to distance themselves from this website because I am a tenant.

However only 2 years ago, the secretary of the TRA asked me for permission to allow THH to link to this website as community website, whilst now they are trying to distrance themselves from it.

This website was established with funds from the Metropolitan Police. Those who reside on this estate since a longer time, may remember that I had started a Neighbourhood Watch on the estate and regularly went door to door and invited residents to meetings of the Neighbourhood Watch. I was then also sent on a residential crime-fighter course and had even been invited to meet with Gordon Brown at the Rich-Mix. I also had been Chair of the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association.

Most Residents Associations also affiliate to Neighbourhood Watch but the current Association has not commented on this. I have also always intended to be politically neutral and only post on matters important to local residents and the surrounding area.

We organised a Big Lunch coinciding with the Queen’s Jubilee, which was transmitted by the BBC as well. All pictures of former community occasions are on this blog as much as possible.

At that time the Glasshouse was run by the Miller family.

The website was always open to all residents to contribute to, any resident can ask to write articles under their own name.

Tower Hamlets Homes had asked for permission to link to this website as part of the Parkview Community.

It is now a very new development that the new Parkview Residents Committee has asked me to change the name of the site to ensure to make it clear that the website is run by myself, even though I have been involved with the community since decades. It is not possible the change the name of an URL. A URL is owned by the person or organisaton who buys it.

I am also publishing the Twitter feed of the Parkview Residents Association. If readers wish to comment on the issue, please note that only communications aimed at Neighbourhood Watch and the editor will be answered by myself, mails to the Secretary will be answered by the Residents Association, who for some reasons, unknown to me, want to distance themselves from this part of the community.

Annual General Meeting 2020

Residents are cordially invited to participate in the AGM to be held on

13th. January 2020 at 7pm at the Glasshouse Community Centre on Parkview Estate.

The business of this meeting will be

  • Chair person’s report
  • Accounts
  • Officers and committee members election.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about living on the estate or send them in advance to

Residents Association meeting

All Tenants and Residents are cordially invited for a public meeting on

Saturday, 21. September 2019 at 5pm.

Meeting place is our Glasshouse Community Centre.


  1. Chair’s welcome and brief summary of work done by the TRA in 2019 thus far.
  2. New basket ball hoop beside Rosebery/Gatehouse play space (up-date)
  3. Info on how the TRA works and how to join, duty specifications for roles.
  4. Open floor for questions and suggestions.
  5. Date of next AGM and next meeting date in October.


Could all attendees please refrain from stating whether they are tenants or leaseholders at the introduction as we want to concentrate on community cohesion regardles of personal status. 


Please note that also all meetings are published on our website calendar.