THH safety assurance

Following the tragic and shocking events at the Grenfell Tower block, which prompted some residents to post on Facebook how concerned they are for our safety, Tower Hamlets Homes has posted letters of assurance through letter boxes yesterday.

In our block all tenanted flats and houses have wired in fire alarms. Also residents can additionally install personal fire alarms in their rooms.

Free Fire brigade safety checks can be booked by phoning 0800 028 44 28, you will get a free fire alarm installed by the Fire Brigade.

People are advised to NOT have bulky inflammable goods stored on their balconies and keep all public walkways and areas free of rubble.

Caretakers constantly monitor the estates for safety. Here at Rosebery caretakers have moved away external rubbish and recycling bins from the building.


Water overflow from roof tank at no.s 1-6 Rosebery House

Quite concerning to me is the water falls I frequently see coming from the water tank in the block of Rosebery House comprising flats 1 – 6. The water takes, at worst, the appearance of a water fall and at least a severe dripping from the tank. Water usually drips from overflow onto the sheds and into the ground.

This does not happen always but sporadically happens at times. I see it happening at least once each day.

What worries me is whether this affects the communal water bills we have and pay to Tower Hamlets Homes.

The problem exists since at least 3 years and I made written enquiries to Tower Hamlets Homes and last year to the former Councillor Stephanie Eaton. After Stephanie’s involvement the problem temporarily ceased but has now started up again.

I think it is important to find out whether this water overflow from the tank on the block affects the communal water bills residents in Rosebery House get as my water bills have steadily risen over years and I try to keep them as low as possible.

I invite residents to think about this and make enquiries if they deem it necessary with Tower Hamlets Homes who collect the communal water charge for all of the residents that are receiving communal water supplies in the block.

Breeze blocks

I think breeze blocks in kitchens are very important, both at the top and bottom of an outside wall, as they can prevent a build up of gas.

Most flats in the estate have gas supplies and even though most modern appliances have all sorts of safety measures built in, the breeze blocks still give a steady flow of air around our kitchens.

In some ground floor flats broken breeze blocks allowed pests into flats. I have noticed that most bottom breeze blocks in ground floor flats in Rosebery House have been made much smaller; also top breeze blocks were covered with kitchen cupboards; but will meet with a building inspector today to discuss the issue further.

Each resident should check whether their breeze blocks allow the air venting in their kitchens. In many cases the bottom breeze blocks vent the area behind the kitchen wall where gas cookers are located.

Decent Homes program

TV aerials. We are still awaiting further news about the erection of communal digital aerials on all blocks. There are plans in progress to install bicycle storage around the estate for those who own personal bikes. Please get in touch if you are interested in motorbike storage also.

Rosebery House, is currently under Asbestos testing and all contractors working in the block have an asbestos warning issued. A sample was taken in a flat 10 days ago and we are awaiting results. But the decent homes program for Rosebery House is still going ahead. If Asbestos should be found this will be removed by shielding off the kitchen only most likely whilst the residents can remain in their properties.
The tenanted properties in 1-42 Rosebery House on the Parkview Estate are programmed for the new financial year 2012/13 to have their kitchens and bathrooms refurbished to the Decent Homes standard.

This will incorporate new kitchen units, retiling to the walls, new flooring and redecoration to the kitchen and the renewal of the baths and wc suite including new tiling to the walls and safety flooring to the bathroom.

THH are unable to confirm the commencement date, there will however be further consultation with residents regarding the scope of the decent homes works, residents choices and the contact details of the THH staff and the Contractors delivery teams.

An end to bin taxes

The new Conservative government under Eric Pickles as Community Secretary, works on new legislation that will prevent bin taxes from being levied in the future and current bin taxes are going to be scrapped.

Council estates like ours are in danger of having our bins filled by outsiders that dump their rubbish in our bins to keep to their prescribed amount of waste before having to pay stealth taxes on their excess amount of rubbish.

I am getting a bid fed up with the ever growing mountain of rubbish near the football pitch at the Rosebery House external bin container.

We had heard of fly trippers using council estates to off-load rubbish and have it collected with domestic waste collections schemes. It’s time that these bin laws go because they do not improve the situation but just increase anti-social behaviour, neighbours losing friendships where neighbour’s dump bags of rubbish in each others’ bins.

Council estates could never be targeted for waste disposal rules because there is no way to control how much is put into commonly available rubbish containers that are accessible by all and even non residents. Therefore council estates’ bins are easy targets for excess rubbish dumping.

Whilst I agree we need to cut down on too much packaging and causing green house gas emissions, which are produced by the manufacture of packaging, which is mostly plastic, we have to have rules that are practical. We do rely on purchasing goods from supermarkets, we need the goods packed or have to have more staff in supermarkets that pack and weigh goods for friendlier customer services.