Burglary in Rosebery House

Recently a flat, shared by several persons has been burgled with all laptops stolen. That is very worrying, especially also that there are now increasingly noisy incidences happening around the back of the house with cars being driven around noisily.

For the purpose of preventing burglaries may I recommend the following, which is especially important in shared dwellings:

  • Always keep the balcony doors locked
  • keep internal rooms individually locked when out
  • ensure that the front door locks are changed each time a resident in a shared flat changes.

To report suspicious and/or disturbing activities keep logs of

  • number of persons
  • descriptions of persons
  • time of occurence
  • car registration numbers
  • take photos if possible but only supply to the police.

Please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood team with all information and use their e-mail to send it through. If you need the e-mail please contact the webmaster here.

You can also report concerns via the MET Police or Bethnal Green section website. 

But if there is an ongoing incident ring 101 or 999 if a crime is in progress.

I shall discuss this issue at the next Neighbourhood Safety Panel in the near future as well. The police will need direct reports from all residents who have problems to be able to act upon it.


A splash of colour

Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank those who volunteered to plant bulbs last year and show how nice the area around the football pitch near Rosebery House looks with those tulips blooming.

Please don’t attract vermin to the estate.


Meat laid out on the Footpath at Rosebery House

This morning, at around 6:15, I found a lot of raw meat, lined up on the footpath, near the football pitch, at the beginning of Rosebery House.

It seems this meat was laid out on purpose there, and if not and somebody lost it out of a bag on the way to the bins, can I please ask you to pick it up and bin it.

I picked up this meat and binned it this morning.

Food like this attracts rats and other vermin, it is not useful for our environment to leave meat around like this.


THH safety assurance

Following the tragic and shocking events at the Grenfell Tower block, which prompted some residents to post on Facebook how concerned they are for our safety, Tower Hamlets Homes has posted letters of assurance through letter boxes yesterday.

In our block all tenanted flats and houses have wired in fire alarms. Also residents can additionally install personal fire alarms in their rooms.

Free Fire brigade safety checks can be booked by phoning 0800 028 44 28, you will get a free fire alarm installed by the Fire Brigade.

People are advised to NOT have bulky inflammable goods stored on their balconies and keep all public walkways and areas free of rubble.

Caretakers constantly monitor the estates for safety. Here at Rosebery caretakers have moved away external rubbish and recycling bins from the building.

Water overflow from roof tank at no.s 1-6 Rosebery House

Quite concerning to me is the water falls I frequently see coming from the water tank in the block of Rosebery House comprising flats 1 – 6. The water takes, at worst, the appearance of a water fall and at least a severe dripping from the tank. Water usually drips from overflow onto the sheds and into the ground.

This does not happen always but sporadically happens at times. I see it happening at least once each day.

What worries me is whether this affects the communal water bills we have and pay to Tower Hamlets Homes.

The problem exists since at least 3 years and I made written enquiries to Tower Hamlets Homes and last year to the former Councillor Stephanie Eaton. After Stephanie’s involvement the problem temporarily ceased but has now started up again.

I think it is important to find out whether this water overflow from the tank on the block affects the communal water bills residents in Rosebery House get as my water bills have steadily risen over years and I try to keep them as low as possible.

I invite residents to think about this and make enquiries if they deem it necessary with Tower Hamlets Homes who collect the communal water charge for all of the residents that are receiving communal water supplies in the block.