Hiring the Glasshouse


Karen Miller from Ray’s parties behind the counter

I am sorry to tell you that I was forced to take down the pages, which enabled residents and community members to enquire about the use of the Glasshouse for family occasions via this website.

In fact, I have been criticised by a committee member that the online form, which enabled the community to enquire about the use of the Glasshouse for social purposes, or other reasons, caused a lot of extra work when no Secretary was available.

I offered to be the Secretary but was not accepted for the post last year and was told I could only be the Secretary for this year, if I remove the form that enabled people to enquire about hiring the Glasshouse for social purposes.

You get my drift.

Actually I am a fully qualified secretary and worked in that capacity for years, even running my own business providing secretarial services. However, I find it unacceptable that I could only be the secretary of the Parkview TRA if I close down the page that enables people to enquire about hiring the Glasshouse. Therefore I stepped down from the committee and quit support for TRA events.

They still will advertise their events with staircase posters.

As a member of Neighbourhood Watch I totally understand how important it is for the local community to have social occasions in affordable spaces. I know of people who got married at the Glasshouse and never forget the evening when I hosted a magician party for my daughter’s birthday there.

May I recommend that people who find it too difficualt to hire social spaces for private parties, that they complain to their Councillor or MP to look into the availability for social spaces in the area. Please ensure to state that you want to hire for an event without amplified music.

You are very welcome to also contact me via the contact page to state your problems about this.

I understand that at the most recent AGM, there was some very stark criticism about the previous chair of the TRA. I have not yet seen the minutes of that meeting but just wanted to lend support to the community.

Parkview Winter Fair

xmastreeThis free event will help our cheerful community spirit to get over the cold winter season. Our residents are cordially invited to join us at the Glasshouse Community Centre for fun crafts; you can make a decorative tree out of cardboard and take it home.

Date: 7.12.2019

Time: 12 noon – 3pm

Please ensure all children are accompanied by a responsible adult. Refreshments of mince pies, tea and fruit will be served.

Spring Fayre 2019


Parkview Spring Fayre 2019 buffet

What a lovely day we’ve had. There was a lovely buffet, hosted by Ros with many donated dishes from our local community.

I’ve learned how easy it is to make delicious puffed rice at home. The samosas were very spicy and yummy too.




Chillie, sweet peppers and Squash plants

Later in the day two very important visitors from Hackney City Farm, Rita and Ken taught us how to grow sweet peppers, chillies and Squash on our balconies.

Rita explained: “It’s wonderful to watch them grow and then harvest the rewards and be able to eat them at the end of the season.”



Ken from Hackney City Farm in the bee keeper outfit.

Ken, the bee expert taught how bees pollinate plants for a long distance around each hive and it seems plausible to keep bees on estates to help pollinate our plants.

It takes around 600  bees to fill one jar of honey and the bees fly twice around the globe to fill that jar. (equivalent)

Also there was a giveaway of bee friendly flowers for our balconies to help sustain that bee hunger.


Fruit tree planting

red fruit raspberry

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Parkview gardeners and potential gardening helpers are cordially invited to help plant fruit trees and raspberry bushes around Parkview Estate.

Please meet with us on Sunday 7 April 2019 between 2 – 3 pm. Initial meeting point is the community garden next to the Glasshouse at 2 pm.