Parkview Winter Fair

xmastreeThis free event will help our cheerful community spirit to get over the cold winter season. Our residents are cordially invited to join us at the Glasshouse Community Centre for fun crafts; you can make a decorative tree out of cardboard and take it home.

Date: 7.12.2019

Time: 12 noon – 3pm

Please ensure all children are accompanied by a responsible adult. Refreshments of mince pies, tea and fruit will be served.

THH ASB team

Parkguard-thhTower Hamlets Homes now have an ASB team patrolling their estates, including Parkview.

Twitter handle is @Parkguard_TT and there is also @THH_ASBTEAM.

ASB reporting via the normal channels though, see details on our ASB page.

private balconies


Chillie, sweet peppers and Squash plants, to grow on our balconies

Again we are being asked to clear all our belongings from our private balconies because the landlord wants to paint the railings yet again. They have recently been painted and I could not find a fault with the work.

Yet, letters have gone around Rosebery House to clear all the balconies. How are we supposed to establish a planting regime on our private balconies to take part in Tower Hamlets in Bloom if we have to clear our balconies every two years? One competition category is best balcony! It can take a couple of seasons for plants to establish and they often need to be undisturbed to develop at their best.

It’s more than unreasonable and flies in the face of our green agenda, whereby we want to establish bee and bug friendly planting? The BBC Springwatch and Autumnwatch programs encouraged us to create bug friendly environments and feed birds.

Tower Hamlets even hosted the London in Bloom Awards 2019.

I completely accept that our balconies need to be clean and free of combustible and other clutter, especially if they are community balconies but personal balconies are a personal space to relax in and grow personal produce.

I shall be raising the issue with the Councillor.

Bee-friendly planting


The Parkview gardening Volunteers prepare a lawn area for mixed natural habitat planting.

Our gardening volunteers were out this morning, in the pouring rain, to prepare areas for planting with bee and bug friendly plants.

The environmental impact of mixed planting is more beneficial than just grassy lawns, mowed regularly. Creating an environmentally friendly area, with better root systems, require less watering.

Often grass lawns require regular watering to look good, which is something we cannot maintain with water-shortages looming each year.

Alternative planting will create a busy multi-planted environment that also attracts bees and butterflies. It establishes root systems, needing less watering. The carbon footprint of natural lawn is better than plain grass lawns.

Many multi-storey business in central London have established bee hives on the top of their buildings. There are bee hives on the roof top of London’s Law Building in Russell Square and the Museum of London and the Lloyds Building have bee hives on their roof tops.

Hopefully we can have a beehive on Parkview in the spring.


anti-pollution initiative

Today is a day of Global Climate Strike. We all need clean air and there is now a new initiative that enables everybody to take part in a huge process, which will contact all of our Members of Parliament and hand a petition to government with the aim of reducing air pollution.

If you visit the website, you can input your postcode, select your exact address and get a reading of air quality in your neighbourhood. You then get the option to take part in a petition, also involving Tower Hamlets Council to reduce air pollution in our area.


Find out what your addresses’ air quality rating is and have the option to demand action.

As you can see from the sample picture above, Sewardstone Road, right next to Gatehouse School, had a rating of 3, which exceeds the annual legal limit and one can then press the button Demand Action, to get to a petition page. This rating of 3, is despite being located next to a park and having a medium tree cover in the area, it is just due to the constant through traffic. Our estate is surrounded by busy roads.

I think that is a good idea for our estate residents to take part in. If your browser doesn’t immediately throw up the result, try refreshing the page, it did the trick for me.

What we could demand for Parkview roads are vertical moss walls or even just planting house walls with climbing plants, which reduce pollution considerably.