Bethnal Green Ward Panel

The next meeting of the Ward Panel is on 1. December 2021 from 18:30 – 19:30

To be able to attend you must notify the Bethnal Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team from Met Police who are our partners in this panel. Email:

Ward Panel membership benefits our community as the ward panel determines how policing resources get deployed in our Safer Neighbourhood Ward. See the ward panel handbook here.

The next meeting is at Queen Mary University and we will have elections for Ward Panel officers If there are more people than places, then those who regularly attend and have been member of the ward panel will get preference of entry.

If you wish to join Parkview Neighbourhood Watch then please do so by registering here.

We have a Winter social bring and share party on 18. December and our next watch meeting is on 15. January 2022.

Residents Association AGM

The Parkview Residents Association cordially invites all residents of the Parkview Estate to attend the

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Date: Monday 15. November 2021

Time: 19:00

Venue: The Glasshouse Community Centre, 161 Old Ford Road, London E2 9QB.


  • Chairperson’s report
  • Treasurer’s finance report
  • Getting involved in Parkview Residents Association
  • Election of committee members
  • Proposed changes to THH tenancies

It seems that the RA is looking to appoint a new treasurer as the current one is moving away. Have you got the skills with spreadsheets and numbers? Yes, you want to help the local community, please step forward and come along.

Also attending will be

  • Tower Hamlets Homes
  • Bethnal Green Safer Neighbourhood Team
  • Parkview Neighbourhood Watch

The Residents Association is also seeking to appoint a part-time clerk to deal with lettings of the community centre and general admin at a rate of £10.85 per hour (LLW) for 4 hours each week.

Please direct any further enquiries to


is fast approaching and we are making a poster available to those who cannot accept Trick or Treat and cannot print the poster themselves.

We will be at the Glasshouse on 23. October 2021 between 5 – 7. You can collect printed posters but must tell us in advance if you want to do so. We hope those knocking on doors at Halloween will respect the posters.

Please complete this form.

Club Zone One

Trapped in Zone One returns to Bethnal Green this autumn with Club Zone One in partnership with Parkview TRA.

Club Zone One Website and further details here:

As part of our continued youth provision programme we’re hosting a 3-month programme following the governments Covid-19 guidance from 16 October – 18 December 2021 for young females aged 11-18 from Tower Hamlets, providing creative workshops and fitness session with FREE lunchtime nutritious meals provided by a local food provider.

Every Saturday, 12:00 – 14:00
Glasshouse Community Centre, 161 Old Ford Road, E2

To register a young person to the programme, parents and guardians need to complete the registration form here.

Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, click here

Meeting today

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch has a drop in meeting today at the Glasshouse 18. Sept. 2021 between 5-6 pm together with the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association.

We can give you advice on

  • how to report crime and ASB online using your smart phone, tablet or laptop
  • joining Neighbourhood Watch
  • our local SNT Ward Panel

Crime prevention advice

Pick up booklets leaflets on important issues like

  • Investment Scams
  • Phone Scams
  • Cyber Scams
  • Phishing
  • any other things you want to know
One of our meeting displays

temporary road closures

This was posted on Facebook today Friday, 27/8/21 (afternoon) with the following captions:

There will be temporary road closures in Tower Hamlets to allow for the safe movement of visitors from All Points East festival. Closures are permitted from 9pm to midnight from Friday 27 August to Monday 30 August.

• Grove Road between Roman Road and Lauriston Road • Old Ford Rd between St Stephen’s Rd and Bonner Street • Aberavon Rd, Rhondda Grove & Maplin Street will be closed at their junctions with Mile End Rd

Have contacted estate services about access to estate via Old Ford Road.

Anybody with problems to do with ASB or crime over the weekend must dial 999 in case of urgent emergencies.

Other problems can be reported directly to the Met Police Service Contact Centre via Twitter, who will issue reference and instruct local police to act. If you want to phone ring 101 instead.

Anonymous reports can be made directly to THNWA using the link on the side of blog.

Due to the setting of the Garda gate, it is not possible to leave the St. James’s Avenue gate open during the weekend. I would instruct any delivery companies about this. Sorry about this, only just been confirmed to me.

However, I have contacted the organisers of the festival and asked whether deliveries of large items for Mark House and Sydney House would be allowed through via Old Ford Road.

Sign in Sewardstone Road

If people suffer financial loss through the closure because delivery access is refused people should make claims for the loss to Tower Hamlets Council.

Apparently this road closure has not appeared on the LYN App under road closures but the sign put up by Allpointseast explains in detail that the road closures take place in the evenings only. Whilst the post on Facebook from Tower Hamlets Council gave the impression the closure lasted for days, hence my misinterpreting the situation.

But, I think such closures should be announced on council notices as well and residents should be informed about this because not even our estates officer knew about this.

Some companies deliver late at night and that can disrupt lives. I would have preferred it if all residents had been informed through their letter box, as we have quite a few residents who do not use email or Internet regularly.

urgent appeal

It has come to our attention that a resident around the Glasshouse area (exact details cannot be published at this time) is regularly

  • harassing community volunteers
  • neighbours
  • committing hate crime
  • is homophobic

We urge all affected to contact us immediately.

It has a very depressing effect on the community is one individual can intimidate neighbours and volunteers.

Please do contact us with any details of problems suffered through this.

If you have pictorial evidence you can submit anonymously through this link. Please do not share anything on social media at this time. Contact us via our contact page to discuss this with us directly.

In case of being insulted or attacked, please call 999. Keep records of all incidences of verbal or other insults directed at you.

Do not suffer in silence, not saying anything will not improve the situation. This matter has been reported to police and to Tower Hamlets Homes.

Any person who has suffered any type of racial assault can be referred to the Council’s Hate crime unit for counselling with consent. Please contact us.

Monthly drop-ins

We now run monthly drop-ins.

17. July2021 

21. August 2021 

18. September 2021 

16. October 2021 

20. November 2021 

18. December 2021 

17:00 – 18:00, The Glasshouse, 161 Old Ford Road, London E2 9QB, Map. 

  • Learn how to report crime ASB online using your phone, tablet, computer
  • Speak to police constables
  • apply to become a member of the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association
  • Discuss your local watch development
  • order / pickup pre-ordered posters/stickers

For all meeting dates please see the THNWA calendar, which also shows other events like the Knife prevention courses for parents, run by One Housing or Fraud and Cyber crime courses.

This check list is very useful. Pick up hard copies at our meetings

broken walls

broken wall stones have been left laying around in front of Cleland and Goodrich House and along Sewardstone Road.

I have taken pictures and contact councillors, THH, SNT and Parkview RA about this.

No lose stones should be left lying around, this is a H&S risk and the bricks can be used for criminal acts.

If anybody has any further comments about this problem or has had incidents adversely affecting them please contact Parkview Neighbourhood Watch using the contact form on this site.

I shall submit a formal complaint to THH if this has not been rectified by Tuesday 29. June

Noise from basketball and play area

It was brought to my attention that people playing basketball and ball in the football pitch near Rosebery House do so till after 11pm and that residents living nearby cannot sleep undisturbed because of the noise.

The play area falls within the by-laws as seen here:

because this play activity takes place with the consent of the Council, because the Residents Association put that basket ball hoop there with their consent, the situation becomes complicated.

Obviously the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch does not condone noises later than 8pm in the play area.

Any resident from Parkview having problems with noise from the football area at Rosebery House, please contact us, using our contact form.

We’ll be speaking to Residents’ Association, THH, Parkguard and SNT to get patrols in the area at night time.

There is a public meeting at the Glasshouse on 17. July 2021 at 5PM, which will be held by Parkview Neighbourhood Watch and the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association. Two Police Constables and two PCSO officers will be there to discuss any problems you may have.