The Ombudsman decision

The Ombudsman found in my favour. I complaint with respect of a service failureto do proper landscaping and maintenance.

I have been awarded £75, which is very welcome. I shall donate the money to Parkview Neighbourhood Watch because I made the complaint on behalf of residents and their safety.

I up-load the decision notice for all to see.

You can toggle between pages by moving the arrow. I omitted page 3, which just contains the signature of the officer making the decision.

I am glad that all my moaning and efforts to improve the service provision has had some results. It considerably improves residents’ safety if service provision is good.

Against the weeds

As I am on a crusade of the landscaping and gardening and maintenance of the estate, let me now point out the severe weed problem that we have around the estate.

Weeds can destroy pavements, concrete, whole walls.

I just can’t understand why the Parkview TRA, who are based at the Glasshouse, where this picture was taken, do not ensure that their own patch is weeded.

With sincere apologies to be offensive, but the TRA should be doing more to have the place tidier, especially in front of their own doorstep.

The extra planting of trrees and flowers around the estate, does not help the problem of weeds growing out of every nook and cranny on this estate.

I recently pointed out the severe lack of maitenance in case of horticulture on the estate and now find it concerning that it has to be me, as representative of Neighbourhood Watch, sorting out those problems. Just as well, that Neighbourhood Watch is independent of the TRA in this case.

So how can we trust the latest projects about the

  • Parkview Climate Task Force
  • planned Community kitchen
  • bees on roofs

when we can’t even sort out the simple weed? I think we should oppose further projects because we can’t cope with what we have now. I do appreciate there are concerns about weed killers but that is no excuse to just let them grow.

I don’t even want to hear the excuse that it has to do with Covid-19 because wherever I go, on other estates the weed problem has been sorted.

Following neighbouring estates on Twitter, I can see they are all clean of weeds.

I really do not know why our TRA can’t deal with basic problems like that but has only further projects in mind, which ignore our current problems.

planned community kitchen

The latest Parkview TRA leaflet promises the installation of a community kitchen in the Glasshouse.

I am writing to the Tower Hamlets Homes, Community Partnership Officer as we speak to ascertain that a proper Health and Safety Risk Assessment has been carried out according to HSE requirements.

Also other questions need to be asked

  • Was there a risk assessment according to HSE requirements?
  • who is qualified to staff the kitchen?
  • who is the first aider?
  • who is the fire marshall?
  • is there an accident book to record all accidents?
  • Are the rules of the Food Standards Agency been followed?
  • Was there a consultation off all affected included Gatehouse school?

After careful consideration I do not support but oppose the project because there is an increased fire risk from having a large cooking facility in the immediate vicinity of a school and that cooking facility will not have permanent staff but will be operated by random persons. It is not known what the qualificatoins of those persons will be.

Should any fire break out in the community kitchen it most likely will result in the school having to be evacuated for the sake of the safety of the children.


chef cooking in kitchen

Photo by Rene Asmussen on

I’ve been informed that Tower Hamlets Council supports the installation of the Community Kitchen, I requested that they consult also with the school about this, as it is direclty next door and will be affected by problems with the increased fire risk.

I won’t be complaining about the community kitchen, but I made my reservations known. I will not be using it, I think it’s quite risky. But I suppose everybody will use it at their own peril if they wish.


Promised improvement about waste services

I had recently reported that lids were missing from recycling containers and that it took me quite a while to get those replaced.

Councillor Eve McQuillan also took this up on our behalf with the council who promised: ………….”A new residents and agent reporting portal is being rolled out on our website, which will streamline reporting and viewing information relating to waste collections and cleansing services. This is under review and being adapted currently as the council recognizes some of the difficulties that Ms. Joanna has described.”


Support Cranbrook gardening

I warmly recommend the neighbouring Cranbrook estate gardening project because they have got sizeable plots and a lot of gardening space, which can support bees, bugs and environmentally friendly resources.

I think that bees need larger areas of garden plants to thrive. I support the Cranbrook project. The difference between Cranbrook and Parkview is that Parkview has no dedicated allotment like areas.

I do not support bees on Parkview because we have no sizeable garden area. On Parkview we have a few fruit trees and patches of wild flowers, that doesn’t give the bees a home area to roost in. Not a lot of people do use their balcony or window box planters on Parkview either.

So please support the commendable Cranbrook project and the dates of their events are:

  • Saturday, 21. March 2020, 11:00 – 14:30 at Cranbrook estate. Planting pollinator patch, bug hotel and bee workshop.
  • Saturday, 25. April 2020, 11:00 – 14:30 at Cranbrook estate, Big Dig and Bird Pamper palace.