THH resident training program

Starting on 4. December 2021 the Tower Hamlets Homes resident training program commences in local Tower Hamlets venues or online.

See the poster, which lists courses such as

  • safeguarding
  • First Aid session
  • Food safety
  • project management
  • mental health first aid

and many other subjects, see list

Lift maintenance consultation

Tower Hamlets Homes need your help. Their current contract with Precision Lifts is coming to an end. Please complete this survey so THH can ensure any new contract reflects the needs of our residents. Thank you

Tower Hamlets Homes is responsible for servicing, repairing, and maintaining a total of 327 Passenger Lifts in our medium and high-rise blocks. This does not include maintenance of newly installed lifts that may still be within the warranty period. THH also service, repair and maintain 166 items of disabled lifting equipment for tenants/households with mobility difficulties and install new equipment for tenants upon instruction from Occupational Health.  

The current contract for the repairs and maintenance of lifts and disabled lifting equipment (stair-lifts, step-lifts, through-floor lifts, hoists etc) is held by Precision Lifts and will expire in 2022. As part of the re-procurement process, THH would like to hear from you to ensure our new contract reflects the needs of our residents.

Thrive Jobs Fair

Tower Hamlets Homes Thrive Employment and Training Program

Wednesday, 15. September 10am – 2pm

Financial Health Centre, Raynham House, Harpley Square, London E1 4EA


THH are hosting a jobs fair along with the launch of their new THRIVE Employment and Training Program.

Come and meet directly with employers in the Hospitality, Retail, Security, Catering, Nursing and Teaching Assistant sectors, and much more, including training opportunities

For more information call 020 7364 2200

THH financial health survey

Please see below an anonymous survey Tower Hamlets Homes are carrying out in regards to their Financial Health Centre. THH want to seek feedback from residents on how they can improve and what people would like to see more of.

The survey will close on Tuesday 10 August 5pm. To complete the survey, visit:

broken walls

broken wall stones have been left laying around in front of Cleland and Goodrich House and along Sewardstone Road.

I have taken pictures and contact councillors, THH, SNT and Parkview RA about this.

No lose stones should be left lying around, this is a H&S risk and the bricks can be used for criminal acts.

If anybody has any further comments about this problem or has had incidents adversely affecting them please contact Parkview Neighbourhood Watch using the contact form on this site.

I shall submit a formal complaint to THH if this has not been rectified by Tuesday 29. June

repair service is getting worst.

One of our residents in the ground floor is constantly having problems with drain blocckage when it rains hard for a while.

Whilst just on New Years day a drain in the bath completely blocked, which also affects all waste water from the kichen, the repairs service does nothing to fix the situation. They sent a man with a large palstic plunger, which didn’t help, than a man with a drill, that couldn’t go around the bends of pipes from the kitchen to the bathroom. The tenant has been told they can still use the bathroom sink, to do

  • washing
  • washing up
  • laundry
  • personal hygiene
  • and all other things you need to do.

Apparently even the washing machine is connected to the same wastepipe as the bath, so that kitchen sink, washing machine waste flows into the bath/shower, making them unusable and THH wants to leave the tenant waiting for 9 days to have this repaired.

This is intolerable as the tenant is elderly with arthritis problems.

The councillor Eve McQuillan promised to contact Head of Repairs but why should we have to go to that lenght to get a blockage removed that is not due to negligence by the tenant?

Obviously the architecture of the block is complicated and out-dated and makes it very difficult to carry out repairs. A kitchen unit has been built in by the landlord to cover the waste pipes, which now needs a carpenter to remove to carry out pipe repairs.

Who suffers the endeffect? The resident.

New Unity doors

Let me thank all the operatives who work very hard to instal the new doors for all THH tenants and those opting to have them installed.

Whilst I now have first-hand experience of the new door, I must make recommendations to all who also have had them installed or plan to have them installed.

The doors comply with the latest national Firesafety regulations. Please see a data-sheet enclosed.

The doors have a more secure lock and key, the latter looks distinctly different from the previous standard type Yale key.

I would like to recommend that you lock your door with your key each time you leave your dwelling, even for a short time. The door remains open unless it is locked either from the inside or the outside.

The automated closing with the latch will only bring across bolts, but they do not lock the door, even if it sounds like your door is shut, it is not.

If you share your dwelling with others and those remaining inside whilst you leave cannot immediately lock the door from the inside, you are strongly advised to lock the door from the outside every time you leave as – if the person/s remaining inside cannot secure the door when you leave, – the door remains open.

It is similar to a car. You would never leave your car door open. I suppose it would invalidate a home burglary insurance if you failed to lock your door, even for a short while and then somebody enters your dwelling without your permission.

Door replacement program

Yesterday, 2nd November 2020, I had a visit to the AD Construction Group site to inspect those new doors, THH tenants have to have and leaseholders have an option to also instal.

The doors comply with British Standard 476, which I understand to be compliant to a 30m fire resistance inside and out. Unfortunately our current Masterdors do not hold out longer than 15 mins.

The new regulations in force and in light of the Grenfell tragedy require all front doors to comply with fire safety standards. This includes that fire doors no longer are self-locking. This means in practise all residents who have these new doors can never forget to lock their doors manually when they leave their dwelling for any amount of time.

Leaving those doors unlocked will allow anybody to enter the dwelling by pressing down the door handle, unless it has been locken with a key.

I enquired about smart locking, e.g. like cars, with a smart key that can also be used for smart services like Alexa, which enables us to voice activate and program our applicances. Unfortunately this option is not available with those dooors. I would strongly support it.

Also it has to be noted that the letterbox flap on the inside of the doors does not open furhter than around 45 degrees, which doesn’t allow the pushing through of larger and thicker envelopes.

We will be notified when Parkview is due to have the doors renewed.