Chest-hospital development

Unfortunately the former Chest Hospital is falling increasingly into disrepair, becomes unsightly and now graffiti is also overtaking the boards.

Had an intersting conversation with a neighbour and we came to the conclusion that it is better to build over good housing land rather than let it rot.

Those who argue that we need more social housing. I agree but we do not have a choice between a social housing and a luxury gated proposal for the Chest Hospital. We only have the luxuty gated proposal.

Our children will not get any housing if we refuse all developments just because they are not social housing enough. We’ll end up with no housing at all.

It is better to build the needed housing.

Unfortunately this council has not come up with a social housing project for the former Chest Hospital.

Raine’s closure approved

The School’s Adjudicator has now approved the closure of Raine’s Foundation school, which will close on 31. August 2020.

Just to say a thank you to all who worked and supported our children at the school.

The final determination mentions the possibility of a Free School at the Upper School site but it remains to be seen.

I suppose all our local children have been able to gain school places in other schools.

For all our local pupils who stay at home during the periof of social distancing, there are a lot of learning resources on the BBC Bitesize website to be found here.