Liveable Streets review

There is a review going on for the Bethnal Green area, which I publish here, as it also concerns us what happens in our area.

The following message was sent by Becca Jordan to the Weavers Community Forum:

“You will have likely have seen improvements to Bethnal Green’s streets, leading to a significant reduction in traffic. There are however increases in traffic where approved closures have been paused and concerns have been raised from residents regarding severance, particularly for north south journeys.

We are therefore undertaking a review and are speaking to residents, businesses and the emergency services to assess the impact of the scheme and see how we can make amendments to address concerns, whilst retaining the benefits of reduced traffic secured by the scheme.”

Key areas of focus are:

  • emergency service access throughout the area
  • Warner Place/Squirries Street
  • The closures at Pollard Road, Barnet Grove, Old Nicole Street
  • Ropley Street
  • Arnold Circus

Tower Hamlets would therefore like to invite your group to attend a drop-in consultation session on the local Bethnal Green Liveable Streets scheme.

Session 1

St. Peter’s Mission Hall, 56 Warner Place, E2 7DA,
Saturday, 13. November 11:00 – 14:30

Session 2

St. Peter’s Mission Hall, 56 Warner Place, E2 7DA
Wednesday, 17. November 16:00 – 19:30

SNT Ward Panel

the next quarterly ward panel meeting will take place on

17. August 2021, from 6-7pm at the Glasshouse. If you have any pressing issues to contribute, please contact us and we will put this forward for you.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions on the venue, this is not an open public walk-in meeting and people wishing to attend need to be invited by the organiser, our local Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

This is Bethnal Green Ward, a profile of the ward has been published on the Tower Hamlets Council website.

We always welcome applications to join the local Ward Panel. Please let us know if you wish to participate.

The ward panel sets policing priorities in the ward of Bethnal Green.

We currently have 8 active Neighbourhood Watch groups in this area. We strongly encourage the creation of even more watch schemes by registering with Ourwatch. Or why not join Parkview Neighbourhood Watch here.

We also have a Facebook based watch group, which is closed and by application only. You can also register for this Facebook group via Ourwatch and then ask to join on Facebook. This is ideal for people who usually work when meetings take place but want to stay in touch.

We also still have the Neighbourhood Watch drop in meeting on 21. August 5-6 and a bigger public meeting on 31. August 2021, which will be attended by the Crime Prevention Officer for Tower Hamlets. Please also see the Neighbourhood Watch event calendar for all events in Tower Hamlets

East Park school proposal

On the site of the former Raine’s Foundation school, there is a plan to open up a free school. The partnership is between Fulham Boys School and the Raine’s Foundation Trust. See the new website advertising the scheme.

The proposed new secondary school, needs a good register of interest to be able to show that people are interested to send their kids there.

I would like to see some life back in the Raine’s building. Please support the proposed new school if you can.

Chest-hospital development

Unfortunately the former Chest Hospital is falling increasingly into disrepair, becomes unsightly and now graffiti is also overtaking the boards.

Had an intersting conversation with a neighbour and we came to the conclusion that it is better to build over good housing land rather than let it rot.

Those who argue that we need more social housing. I agree but we do not have a choice between a social housing and a luxury gated proposal for the Chest Hospital. We only have the luxuty gated proposal.

Our children will not get any housing if we refuse all developments just because they are not social housing enough. We’ll end up with no housing at all.

It is better to build the needed housing.

Unfortunately this council has not come up with a social housing project for the former Chest Hospital.

Raine’s closure approved

The School’s Adjudicator has now approved the closure of Raine’s Foundation school, which will close on 31. August 2020.

Just to say a thank you to all who worked and supported our children at the school.

The final determination mentions the possibility of a Free School at the Upper School site but it remains to be seen.

I suppose all our local children have been able to gain school places in other schools.

For all our local pupils who stay at home during the periof of social distancing, there are a lot of learning resources on the BBC Bitesize website to be found here.

Thanks to locals

queue roman
Roman Road, shops with queues

Want to say a big thank you to all our residents who show superb discipline over this holiday weekend. The local shops, we are very lucky to have, cope superbly with the extra demand that stay-at-home weekend brings. All our local shops have long queues on the Saturday morning. Thank you to all our local shop keepers who keep their supplies fresh.