Free mindful play session

Children aged 3 to 8 (with supervision of an accompanying parent/guardian) can enjoy a free

MINDFUL PLAY session at the Glasshouse Community Centre,

on Wednesday 13th December 2017 from 4pm to 5.30pm for seasonal arts and crafts.

Free healthy snacks for children, tea and spicy chai.


Parkview Estate Spring Festival

Venue: The Glasshouse Community Centre

Date and Time: Saturday 6th May 2017 10:30 – 16:30

Free tea and coffee and healthy snacks for children.


with free Geranium flowering plants and a balcony planting demonstration.

This event is organised and funded by the Parkview Residents Association.

School closes road for rush-hour drop-offs

This is an interesting idea, that schools close access roads around rush-hour and parents are now happy to walk to school and think it is safer all-round.

I have experienced problems with parking outside of school gates and think that this is a great alternative. Please read the orginal article by clicking here.

Bollards are put up either side of Macklin Street in Camden from between 08:30-09:15 and 15:15-16:00. This is around St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary school.

The school is rated as outstanding by Ofsted.

Swimming the ideal sport

We are extremely lucky and privileged that we have the London Aquatic Center on our doorstep. Since the 2012 Olympic Games, (and beforehand) British swimming made headlines. Now all of us can swim at this iconic pool.

A newly formed swimming club enables locals to be part of future swimming excellence. The London Aquatics Centre Performance Program (LACPP) helps swimmers train from as early as they can swim 2 lengths in the 50 meter pool.

The facility is very pleasing and popular with parents for the “Better” learn to swim classes in the spacious pools.

I highly recommend swimming as a regular after-school activity, my granddaughter took up swimming in Primary and St. John’s Bethnal Green supported her sporting endeavours. After winning Gold at the Tower Hamlets School swimming games, Madison now trains regularly at the LAC. Hope to see you there.

The venue is in easy reach, the 339 or 388 bus goes there.

Neighbourhood friendly science

OPAL explore is a funded scheme that enables, neighbours, schools and anybody interested to help research the area. There are various schemes in different parts of Britain.

People can register on their website with a free account and contribute to scientific investigations. Currently in London the themes are pollinators and car pollution. Surveys going on in each part of Britain and you can help wherever you are.

Schools also do subscribe to participate as a school project. Please do register with the site and see if anything interests you.

There is a suggestion to build a bee hotel, bird feeders or an earthworm frenzy. Seems ideal for us urban dwellers that happen to reside next to a nice park.