Living plastic free workshop

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Talk & workshop at 7.30pm at the Glasshouse Community Centre


You sort your recycling. You take your reusable bag when you go shopping. You want to do more, but you just don’t know what, or how, and you don’t have the time to research everything you could be doing. In this fun, friendly workshop Lizzy will share with you some of the tips and resources she has discovered from reducing her non-recyclable waste over the last two years. You will develop awareness of your own habits and feel more confident making more environmentally-friendly choices every day. And along the way we’ll bust some myths and discover how being green can even be cheaper and more convenient.


About Lizzy:

Lizzy has always been passionate about the environment and has lots of ideas to inspire local people. She is currently the Chair of Cranbrook Community Food Garden. She is involved in the Bethnal Green Transition Town group and the Roman Road Trust.


THH safety assurance

Following the tragic and shocking events at the Grenfell Tower block, which prompted some residents to post on Facebook how concerned they are for our safety, Tower Hamlets Homes has posted letters of assurance through letter boxes yesterday.

In our block all tenanted flats and houses have wired in fire alarms. Also residents can additionally install personal fire alarms in their rooms.

Free Fire brigade safety checks can be booked by phoning 0800 028 44 28, you will get a free fire alarm installed by the Fire Brigade.

People are advised to NOT have bulky inflammable goods stored on their balconies and keep all public walkways and areas free of rubble.

Caretakers constantly monitor the estates for safety. Here at Rosebery caretakers have moved away external rubbish and recycling bins from the building.

Order waste services online

There now seems to be a service available that allows us to order recycling bags online along with rubbish collections. Apparently the service works by putting in a postcode, street or apartment block. For my address, I could only get a choice by using the apartment block. One then chooses from recycling or rubbish collection. We would like to hear your success stories on this service please.

You can even check online how your request has progressed. You get a reference number in the same format, as all complaints or member’s enquiries are numbered. There is no e-mailing of that reference but if you take it down you can then check on the previously submitted request. Obviously only persons with the reference number can check on the request. You cannot get that reference number e-mailed to you.

We already had several attempts  to resolve the supply of pink recycling bags, we had them stored at the Glasshouse, at One-stop-shops, ordered over the phone for delivery about1 week later, which was then abandoned in favour of making us collect them. Now I wonder how the online odeering system will improve the cost of service delivery and efficiency.

There is now also a clothing bank near the old St. James Housing Office in Bishops Way.


An end to bin taxes

The new Conservative government under Eric Pickles as Community Secretary, works on new legislation that will prevent bin taxes from being levied in the future and current bin taxes are going to be scrapped.

Council estates like ours are in danger of having our bins filled by outsiders that dump their rubbish in our bins to keep to their prescribed amount of waste before having to pay stealth taxes on their excess amount of rubbish.

I am getting a bid fed up with the ever growing mountain of rubbish near the football pitch at the Rosebery House external bin container.

We had heard of fly trippers using council estates to off-load rubbish and have it collected with domestic waste collections schemes. It’s time that these bin laws go because they do not improve the situation but just increase anti-social behaviour, neighbours losing friendships where neighbour’s dump bags of rubbish in each others’ bins.

Council estates could never be targeted for waste disposal rules because there is no way to control how much is put into commonly available rubbish containers that are accessible by all and even non residents. Therefore council estates’ bins are easy targets for excess rubbish dumping.

Whilst I agree we need to cut down on too much packaging and causing green house gas emissions, which are produced by the manufacture of packaging, which is mostly plastic, we have to have rules that are practical. We do rely on purchasing goods from supermarkets, we need the goods packed or have to have more staff in supermarkets that pack and weigh goods for friendlier customer services.

Power Up

Friends of the Earth sent me a link to this video they took at the last Power Up conference. I can be seen at 1:45.

I highly recommend these courses as they provide you with a very useful complete tool kit to enquire about planning permissions, the London Plan and anything that affects your way of life and the local community, your borough and country and even the planet as a whole. I got a folder with all relevant legislation.

This gives you and gave me lots of confidence.

There is going to be a Power Up conference in the new year and I want to encourage you to apply to get a place. You do not have to be a member of a political party or pressure group, all what is required is love for your area.
Once you have had this training you can take on town halls and make your enquiries, getting the tools and not needing to rely on expensive legal advice.

I am going to be very busy this year and I am not quite sure if I can make it.