Club Zone One

Trapped in Zone One returns to Bethnal Green this autumn with Club Zone One in partnership with Parkview TRA.

Club Zone One Website and further details here:

As part of our continued youth provision programme we’re hosting a 3-month programme following the governments Covid-19 guidance from 16 October – 18 December 2021 for young females aged 11-18 from Tower Hamlets, providing creative workshops and fitness session with FREE lunchtime nutritious meals provided by a local food provider.

Every Saturday, 12:00 – 14:00
Glasshouse Community Centre, 161 Old Ford Road, E2

To register a young person to the programme, parents and guardians need to complete the registration form here.

Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, click here

Parent representative needed for Raine’s

Letters about the future of Raine’s pupils arriving thick and fast on a daily basis now. Most interesting is the one that seeks a parent representative for a Steering group that will oversee the amalgamation of Raine’s into Oaklands school.

Considering that the formal consultation about the whole scheme has not even taken place and is not going to start til June, it seems rather a made-up process already. The Diocese not being able to find another Church of England school that Raine’s could partner with and the Education authority wanting the transformation for financial reasons.

The Council’s website lists the process here. Whilst I approached both the Honourable Rushanara Ali and the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, the latter has now reacted to the referral from Rushanara and my objections and promises a thorough scrutiny of the closure plans.

On the up-side we are assured by yet another letter, that Oaklands is the top performing school in Tower Hamlets. It seems that amount of reading that is now put upon us, is probably lettering us into submission just out of wanting to save time.

Yet the letter asking for a parent representative on the Steering group, does not give the parents of Raine’s an ability to hold a formal election procedure whereby the Raine’s parents can elect a representative, which would mean that the Raine’s parents would decide who it is going to be.

oaklands head apology
Oaklands school apology about bad behaviour of pupils

The selection process simply asks parents who are interested to put their name forward to the Raine’s Foundation Steering group per email, the same steering group, headed by the Chair of the Interim Executive Board, Diane Cholerton, then selects the candidate. A steering group that already is set up prior to any formal consultation taking place.

We are getting constant notifications that head teachers and executive head teachers are changing and it is hard to get a grip on the situation.

We will not be taking part in any further attempts to send my daughter to Oaklands as parents have complained that during visits the pupils of Oaklands school were very rude.

Local support groups

Yesterday’s meeting of the Parkview Residents Association introduced us to our new community support officer from Tower Hamlets Homes and also the Roman Road Trust.

There is also a Friends of Meath Gardens Support Group, that has a page on Facebook. Most of those voluntary organisations rely on support from volunteers.

Much discussion was held around the Chest Hospital development, whereby the new consultation round ends on 28. June 2018.

Concerns were raised that the longer the site stays undeveloped the more it falls into decay and that is not good for our neighbourhood. Residents can make a case for or against support of the new housing development from Crest Nicholson on the current Tower Hamlets Planning Application website.

There are many submissions on this development including

Please look at the building plans and consider the full effects of the site staying vacant for a prolonged period of time. It cannot support our community if the site stays vacant for years.

Invite to swim the Thames

Our residents are cordially invited to participate in the Community Day of Hackney Aquatics that will be held at the London Fields Lido.

From 3pm till late on Saturday 30. June 2018

Roll up, roll up and come along and swim if you want. Anyone can swim for a £5 donation. It would be great if we could altogether beat the 7.000 length required to equal the Thames.

Hackney Community Day on 30 June 2018, at the Hackney Lido from 3pm

There will be

  • Barbeque
  • Ice cream
  • Food stalls
  • Pilates in the Park
  • Outdoor Yoga
  • Football
  • Extreme Frisbee

Hackney Aquatics want to split the proceeds of the day between the North London Hospice and the Club Access Fund. The Club Access Fund helps swimmers who are keen to swim but have problems finding the cost.

A huge thanks to all my neighbours who already generously donated for my granddaughter Madison to swim 5km at the Lido but she will also in the morning swim 3km at the London Open Swimming Championships* at the Surrey Quays. A mammoth undertaking for the good of the club.

All sponsors are most welcome to check with Hackney Aquatics whether their generous donations actually arrived at the club after the 30. June. If you do not meet me before and want to help but cannot come on the day please try to donate online.

*Your donation will not fund this competition but only the sponsored swim at the Lido.

Swim the Thames at London Fields

How is it possible?

It is, the length of the River Thames is 346km, equalling 7000 lengths of the Hackney Lido pool. To be on 30th June 2018 from 3pm till late.

With a combined effort, people are expected to swim those 7000 lengths within 4 hours. That is such a doddle. Of course the expert swimmers will do most swimming. Parents and others can choose to swim any amount of lengths of the pool.

This is couched within a splendid Hackney Aquatics Community Day at the park and the Lido with Swim the Thames!

  • Sponsored Swim at London Fields Lido from 4pm.
  • barbecue, ice cream and food stalls
  • Pilates in the Park
  • Outdoor Yoga
  • Various games and activities such as football and extreme frisbee!

Of course all activities will be expertly run and are supervised. I understand anybody can take part in the sponsored swim. There is a fundraising page on Gofundme but I am not sure whether paying into this will also enter people for the sponsored swim. I am awaiting further details. However contributing to the founds would not do any harm to anybody. I think the aim is to help low-income families to allow their kids to swim at the Hackney Aquatics swimming club.

Harvest Festival

There is going to be a food collection for the Tower Hamlets Foodbank at St. James the Less church, St. James Avenue, London E2 on Sunday 24th. September.

The charity requires especially but not exclusively the following items:

  • tinned vegetables
  • tinned tomatoes
  • tinned spaghetti/hoops
  • tinned fruit
  • rice (500g)
  • cup-a-soups
  • rice pudding
  • custard
  • honey
  • tea bags (80s)
  • sugar (500g)
  • long-life milk
  • long-life juice/cordial

Any itmes can be dropped off on the 24. September 2017 at the church from 10am onwards or after the service in the church hall from 12 noon.

Don’t worry if you cannot donate on the day, there are plenty of opportunities to donate food in supermarkets or by dropping off food directly at the food bank.