A big thank you

Just to say a big thank you as well to our local SNT Team of officers who tirelessly work on keeping us safe. Our PCSO John Murphy has been with us for a long time and most of us know him well.

Martin, our RA chair has put new posters into the display cabinets and distributed the Parkview Life newsletters.

Bethnal Green SNT newsletter

The latest SNT newsletter was sent out yesterday and it shows that officers now share three wards between them to patrol. Bethnal Green, St. Peter’s and Stepney Green.

It’s good they patrol, stairwells, ASB hotspots; they even check whether people in supermarkets and public transport are wearing their masks and carry out re-assurance visits.

That is all in the face of police budget cut-backs.

We have our next Parkview Neighbourhood Watch online virtual meeting on 1. December 2020 18:00. and I ask all who want to take part to email me to get admitted to the meeting. Email parkview.neighbourhoodwatch@outlook.com please state your address when emailing me, which will be kept confidential and not published anywhere. We work in full compliance with Data Protection laws. We do not share your details with any third parties without your permission. If you want to join Parkview Neighbourhood Watch please register here and apply for membership.

Police distribute their manpower to those areas that get most complained about. If people don’t complain they don’t know. We can only help those who complain. How to complain about crime and ASB please visit our website or the website of the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association.

It is very important that people complain because the criminals and those causing problems will always go to the areas where people complain the least.
Anonymous crime reporting:

Tel: 0800 555111

Door functionality

After writing to councillors, MP and THH, to alert them to design features of the new doors, THH have now confirmed that they will speak with AD about options. Our local Member of Parliament Rushanara Ali has also confirmed she is supporting this issue.

Best advice for ASB and crime solutions

forest bike bulls
Photo by Philipp M on Pexels.com

“Police have asked anyone who has had a bike stolen in Hackney or Tower Hamlets in the past 6 months…to email CE-MiST@met.police.uk with as much information about the bike as possible. (Make, model, colour and/or serial number, and a picture if available.)”

Follow Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch on Twitter. https://twitter.com/thnwa

Latest Advice on how to deal with ASB and crime. Follow simple steps to report and achieve results. https://towerhamletsneighbourhoodwatch.wordpress.com/2020/08/08/getting-results/



There’s safety in neighbours

As lockdown eases in the UK, we’re expecting a rise in burglaries. Neighbourhood Watch partnered with the Home Office to create a new social media campaign to help keep people safe and continue the great work our schemes are already doing.

We need your help
Please help us spread the word and share the campaign on your local social media pages and chat groups.

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Have your say on policing priorities

As Neighbourhood Watch coordinator I do not get to know about all problems, so cannot argue on your behalf unless you inform me. However you have the opportunity to voice your preferences and ask for special attention to Parkview by using this online Met Police voting portal. The more people vote, the more resources may be allocated to our area.

Screenshot from Met Police website for Bethnal Gren area

As the statistics for December 2019 show, the recorded crime rate for our Bethnal Green area is well above average.

The average crime rate  of

  • London 8
  • Tower Hamlets 9
  • Bethnal Green 11

is very concerning.

There are

  • 21 residential burglaries
  • 19 cases of theft
  • 17 cases of harrassment

Whilst the Safer Neighbourhood Panel, held in conjunction with our local Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team decides on a quarterly basis, which areas of Bethnal Green they dedicate their manpower to, it is essential for residents to voice their preferences.

Not every area has people available to attend the SNT Panel meetings but we have the option to voice our concerns.

Whilst the statistics do not show that the majority of crimes are committed in and around Parkview, it is concerning that they take place in our relatively small area of Bethnal Green.

Please act quickly as the next quarterly meeting will be held next week.

Crime statistics

A useful tool allows us to see what the crime statistics for our area are like. This website lets you selects the Safer Neighbourhood Area and see the crimes recorded over the previous year ‘ till December 2019.

The average crime rate is 229.12 per 1.000 residents, which unfortunately makes 1/5 of us victims of some crime.


Crime peaks during the summer months.

Residents concerned with issues please contact the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. Often reporting problems is just a matter of finding the confidence to do so.

The statistics above rely to the whole of Bethnal Green.

You can sign up for a Community Safety letter published by Tower Hamlets council sign up at:

  • www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/signup
  • provide an email address
  • select ‘Community Safety’ from the bulletin options
  • automatically receive all future editions to your inbox.


Local ASB problem

Have just been made aware that some youth set fire to a bin near Mark House. The fire brigade came very quickly to put the fire out.

It would help if as many residents as possible could make formal complaints about this problem because resources to deal with ASB are allocated according to the amount of complaints received.

On our sites ASB page there is a list of contacts.

Our local police team for Bethnal Green can be reported to using this web page on the Met Police website. You will get a reference number and can download or print the report.

Alternative you may contact 101 or your local SNT team when you see them.

Always dial 999 if a problem is an ongoing emergency.