The Ombudsman decision

The Ombudsman found in my favour. I complaint with respect of a service failureto do proper landscaping and maintenance.

I have been awarded £75, which is very welcome. I shall donate the money to Parkview Neighbourhood Watch because I made the complaint on behalf of residents and their safety.

I up-load the decision notice for all to see.

You can toggle between pages by moving the arrow. I omitted page 3, which just contains the signature of the officer making the decision.

I am glad that all my moaning and efforts to improve the service provision has had some results. It considerably improves residents’ safety if service provision is good.

making complaints

My recent posts about noise and cargates from St. James Avenue into the cul de sac between Rosebery and Sankey House I had to withdraw because of legal issues.

As a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator I have to keep to the rules.

The case is I had been approached by a resident about his problem with noise being generated from a parking area near the Gatehouse school wall.

I have no problem with that because as I can show you, I cannot even see that area, nor can I hear a lot of noise from it. I did however complain about the tree being too near the house but apparently some people oppose the tree being removed. This case is currently still ongoing.

This is my view from my living room window and/or balcony. I cannot see the carpark.

I can only complain about things that affect me. I would not complain on behalf of a resident who is perfectly capable of making their own complaint. I would only complain on behalf of people who are either incapacitated or have no access to the internet or ask me in writing to do so. Everybody else needs to approach the housing provider THH here.

I could raise the issue as a general concern during an estate walk-about with the estates officer why there is no cargate but that is as far as I can act.

All particular complaints need to be made formally and then the rule generally is, the more people complain about an issue that is generally unpleasant for them, the more attention will be paid to the issue.

I did have the cycle gates installed because obviously this issue caused direct health and safety issues for all who used the walkway near St. James the Less vicarage and Sankey House but the cargate problem doesn’t cause such direct threats to people’s safety as of now.

Looking at the crime figures in the area, we do not have a rise in burglaries in the area. If there was it would be raised at the SNT Panel meeting, which would prompt extra police support for the issue.

People can use this online form to directly voice concerns to the local police. You can see all relevant statistics here.

Please contact me if you have further comments about this.

Against the weeds

As I am on a crusade of the landscaping and gardening and maintenance of the estate, let me now point out the severe weed problem that we have around the estate.

Weeds can destroy pavements, concrete, whole walls.

I just can’t understand why the Parkview TRA, who are based at the Glasshouse, where this picture was taken, do not ensure that their own patch is weeded.

With sincere apologies to be offensive, but the TRA should be doing more to have the place tidier, especially in front of their own doorstep.

The extra planting of trrees and flowers around the estate, does not help the problem of weeds growing out of every nook and cranny on this estate.

I recently pointed out the severe lack of maitenance in case of horticulture on the estate and now find it concerning that it has to be me, as representative of Neighbourhood Watch, sorting out those problems. Just as well, that Neighbourhood Watch is independent of the TRA in this case.

So how can we trust the latest projects about the

  • Parkview Climate Task Force
  • planned Community kitchen
  • bees on roofs

when we can’t even sort out the simple weed? I think we should oppose further projects because we can’t cope with what we have now. I do appreciate there are concerns about weed killers but that is no excuse to just let them grow.

I don’t even want to hear the excuse that it has to do with Covid-19 because wherever I go, on other estates the weed problem has been sorted.

Following neighbouring estates on Twitter, I can see they are all clean of weeds.

I really do not know why our TRA can’t deal with basic problems like that but has only further projects in mind, which ignore our current problems.

August crime figures

Crime figures at the moment look good, there are only 2 recorded crimes in the immediate area. Compare this to the larger area. This is most likely due to the recent lock-down. Let’s hope the low crime stays that way.

All should have received the latest leaflet by now if you have not received it, please look on the newsletter page, where there is a copy for downloading.

Just Fact Project

Just found a leaflet from a group PACCT who got Big Lottery funding to educate locals, especially around Parkview and Cranbrook estate.

Being told that 20% of climate emissions com from the food system, is nothing new to me. The question I want to ask why 2 council estates in Tower Hamlets have been selected for this project.

I remember when George Galloway wanted to stop the building of a Tesco Supermarket near Roman Road market; a truly trendy idea, which didn’t get support.

Locals need to get the food that they can afford and in the time they have available.

Whilst Cranbrook estate has allottment like gardening containers and a lot of high tower blocks, Parkview does not have any larger area available for gardening purposes.

The amount of food, which can be grown on housing estates is tiny compared to the amount needed and there is no positive environmental impact other than green leaves producing oxygen.

I suppose this project fits in with the idea to instal a community kitchen in the Glasshouse Community Centre. If you suffer burns, scolds, cuts because you get injured in that project please let us know, we will support you by protesting to local councillors. This project is not covered by the free liability insurance that the Neighbourhood Watch Network provides for NW activities. 

People need to be able to afford the food that they eat. This project neither gives them better wages nor employment conditions. The ability to grow food on council estates is highly restricted just by space requirements.

If anybody feels intimitated by going to supermarkets to buy food, please let us know. Please do not hesitate to complain if you get intimitated by this project in any way, whether it’s by eating meat or anything that group doesn’t approve of.

Absolutely food causes 20% of climate emissions but that is also caused by transporting it. Nobody is going to start rice fields on either Cranbrook or Parkview estate will they? We won’t be farming fish in the local canal. We are not letting us getting bullied to get only the food that is available to us grown locally.

It speaks volumes that this project is being run in 2 of the most deprived areas in London. It would make much more sense to run such a project in an area with a lot of gardening space.

We support food growing on balconies and gardens allocated to properties. Neighbourhood Watch as an organisation does not support the project.