traffic calming and Sewardstone Road

The liveable Streets consultation has far-reaching consequences.

However, connecting this to the ongoing Government Ombudsman complaint, which has now been re-opened because Tower Hamlets Homes have appealed, I think this links in to the Liveable Streets issues.

Seeing how badly rusted the metal railings are alongside Sewardstone Road between Rosebery House and Sewardstone Road and how badly the wall underneath Sewardstone Road near Rosebery House is damaged, I wonder whether that would be addressed by the Liveable Streets program.

The wall is either crumbling because of the many very mature tree roots damage it or perhaps because of vibrations from traffic, the wall is being damaged or even both.

The proposed plans do not specify any remedial works within Parkview Estate. I can imagine that even a contraflow cycle lane on Sewarstone Road would suffer from the severely rusty metal railings on the Sewardstone Road.

I strongly recommend that all take part in the survey, which is now live online and look at the proposals, which have been popped through our letter boxes and state in their responses also the need to fix damage to the wall between Rosebery House and Sewardstone Road.

A small section of the damaged wall between Sewardstone Road and Rosebery House. The rusty railings are just about visible. Please state in your survey response that something needs doing about this.

Autumn walk-about

Went round the estate today with Chris from St. James the Less church. The church is within the Parkview Estate triangle.

Met others from Gatehouse school and residents in the streets. Observing strict distancing guidelines, as part of social care, we are able to maintain some contacts within the community.

Heard that there will be an accessible toilet in the Glasshouse up-stairs area, a very wellcome addition to the communal facilities. Has been needed since a very long time.

Tower Hamlets Homes will instal a car gate at the entrance to the estate from the top of St. James Avenues, letters are being sent as we speak.

The basket ball hoop in Sewardstone Road had to be removed due to abuse of the area issues.

And there are crime issues around the place, which are best resolved by constant reporting to the local police.

We have a reporting form people can use. Send directly to your SNT team unless it is an emergency, which you always must report with 999.

If you already have received a crime number for your particular complaint you can add further reports using this online form.

We do have a Neighbourhood Watch meeting using Microsoft Teams on 19. November 2020 but can only admit residents, which are known to us. If you want to take part please contact us using the form and/or send us proof of address with your email.

Festival of Discovery

Festival of discovery – online in 2020

Running online 20-21 November 2020, The Festival of Discovery aims to help people connect through lively discussions, entertainment, things to make and do and real-life stories from communities across the UK.

Join Eddie Izzard, Jo Brand, Mr Motivator and many more special celebrity guests and contributors as they set out on an exciting journey to explore what a better future might look like for us all.

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Door replacement program

Yesterday, 2nd November 2020, I had a visit to the AD Construction Group site to inspect those new doors, THH tenants have to have and leaseholders have an option to also instal.

The doors comply with British Standard 476, which I understand to be compliant to a 30m fire resistance inside and out. Unfortunately our current Masterdors do not hold out longer than 15 mins.

The new regulations in force and in light of the Grenfell tragedy require all front doors to comply with fire safety standards. This includes that fire doors no longer are self-locking. This means in practise all residents who have these new doors can never forget to lock their doors manually when they leave their dwelling for any amount of time.

Leaving those doors unlocked will allow anybody to enter the dwelling by pressing down the door handle, unless it has been locken with a key.

I enquired about smart locking, e.g. like cars, with a smart key that can also be used for smart services like Alexa, which enables us to voice activate and program our applicances. Unfortunately this option is not available with those dooors. I would strongly support it.

Also it has to be noted that the letterbox flap on the inside of the doors does not open furhter than around 45 degrees, which doesn’t allow the pushing through of larger and thicker envelopes.

We will be notified when Parkview is due to have the doors renewed.

New online chat

Whilst Covid-19 is getting worst and the risk levels are rising, Parkview Neighbourhood Watch can now provide those who are already members of the watch group with an online chat and messaging facility.

Also those wanting to join the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch group can join.

However we need to ensure that some verification takes place first. This is to ensure the safety and security of our members.

You must be registered with Ourwatch to get access.

Whilst the Covid 19 cases are rising and meetings are only allowed outside with no more than 6 people, we can now hold meetings via Microsoft Teams. We have an online meetings space. We generally reserve this group for people who are formally registered with Ourwatch as members. This is to provide security of verification, which is generally quite hard for Neighbourhood Watch to achieve, as we have no access to the data any of the providers use.
Our Microsoft Team is accessible here:
If you click through you will receive this page (see pic on left) prompting you to insert name and email. But as previously said, we prefer if people are registered with Ourwatch first. You can join on this web page. First join here.

Once on the system you can have face to face online meetings with each other or the coordinators to discuss your situation if necessary.  

Our online Teams web team is available to join here: copy and paste this link into your browser and you will receive this web page asking you to enter your name and email address. We will compare your details with people registered with Ourwatch.

Communicating with neighbours

We love nothing more than being friends with neighbours. That is what Neighbourhood Watch is all about. A problem shared, is a problem halved.

Neighbours meet each other in stair cases have friendly chats and laugh, brilliant.

Just please, please do so with a facemask on and keep a distance. Covid-19 is ravaging among us and we mustn’t let our guard down in our communal areas.

May I take this opportunity to mention that increasingly neighbours or people pretending to be neighbours ask me to borrow drills. I think it would be unreasonable to expect that one individual should have to pay for the cost of a drill, drill bits and other accessories to help others. Everything is very expensive these days.

Perhaps it would be an idea for the TRA to start an exchange scheme for tools, as long as that is within the Covid-19 regulations. The TRA could purchase the stock needed to run such a scheme from community funds. They could run such a scheme and borrow equipment out on a cost basis.

To be on the safe side I would recommend that people do NOT borrow drills or similar instruments to callers unless they know them very well.

posters damage tiles

I have had quite a lot of communications with Tower Hamlets Homes about them sticking posters into communal areas with duck tape and strong sticky tape. Yesterday those THH letters were removed and replaced with letter from the Mayor through our letter boxes.

The damage from the removed notices can be seen on the pic.

It must be cheaper for THH to put up notice boxes permanently instead of using strong sticky tape, which removed the tiles as well as the poster.

Thank you from NW

Thank you for connecting and strengthening your community. It really has made a difference. To find out how to support your community further visit #thanksfromNW. We’ve had an amazing amount of volunteers helping to support, supply with food and help.

You may also contact us here directly via our contact form.

Door functionality

After writing to councillors, MP and THH, to alert them to design features of the new doors, THH have now confirmed that they will speak with AD about options. Our local Member of Parliament Rushanara Ali has also confirmed she is supporting this issue.

door replacement program

Please see an up-date to this post here.

Today I need to express concerns about the latest door replacement program carried out by the housing provider Tower Hamlets Homes.

All tenants have been offered those doors and currently I am trying to ascertain whether tenants are going to be forced to have those new doors or get threatened with loss of tenancy if they don’t.

The door replacements are taking place on a frequent basis. We’ve had 3 in as many decades.

Firstly we had those chest-nut brown wooden doors with brass letter slits and door knockers. The chestnut door frames are still around most blocks.

Please scroll through the images to compare the quality of the doors.

Door two please see an up-date to this post on this page. Apparently they are Masterdors and were in Grenfell.

Secondly – see on your left, and less than a decade ago tenants had new fire-proof and police approved security doors installed. Those doors have a triple secure letter box with inside and outside strong letter flaps. The doors are metal lined and have multi-lock mechanisms. They are also very heavy.

Now, we have received another program of door replacments. Those new doors are already installed for tenants in the blocks around the Regents Canal – Sewardstone Road and I am very concerned about their quality.

Cleland, Goodrich, Kemp and Piggott houses have the doors below.

All that’s between a fire and the outside is a flimsy brush.

When I recently handed out leaflets all around the estate I notice the flimsy letter boxes on those new doors. There is a thin pin going across the outside of the letterbox and on that hangs a letter box flap.

Unfortunately on many doors the flap has fallen off. This leaves the door without any flap and there is a brush-type fender across the inside of the letterbox, with no letter flap on the inside of the door. Here both the letter flap and the pin holding has already come off.

There is very little to stop a fire from coming out through those doors’ letter boxes.

It is beyond my understanding how Tower Hamlets Homes can describe those doors as fire-proof.

I have placed an enquiry with Tower Hamlets Homes asking whether tenants will be forced to have those low quality new doors.