Neighbourhood Watch Signs

We are delighted to announce that Tower Hamlets Council and Tower Hamlets Police are sponsoring Neighbourhood Watch signs for external attachment onto lamp posts.

Soon we plan to erect signs in Sewardstone Road, St. James’ Avenue and Old Ford Road.

If you wish to help with the attachment of the signs to lamp posts, please contact us.

To become a member of Parkview Neighbourhood, Watch please register here.

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch has been founded in 2007 and we work closely with

Please contact us in case of query


ASB and how to stop it

Did you see the ASB tent behind Mark House last week? Officers from THH and the ASB team patrolled the estate, supported by the local Safer Neighbourhood Team from Bethnal Green East.

How to combat ASB

  1. Register with OWL, which is the police mailing list to get surveys directly from police so that you can take part and explain to police directly what the problem is. They send these around every 3 months.
  2. Complain online directly to THH, which generates a reference number for you to refer to.
  3. Register with Neighbourhood Watch by going here and become a member.

Come and talk to Neighbourhood Watch

We’ll be at the Glasshouse Community Centre most Thursday mornings between 10-12. Have a coffee on us.

Crime on Parkview

It was brought to our attention via NextDoor that on the Parkview Estate, there is a high rate of car break-ins. This morning, one of our coordinators went around the estate and indeed found one car windscreen smashed. We will post pics of all problems we found here, anonymised of course.

A picture was taken and the matter was reported to police and CAD 1183/31Mar22 was allocated.

We can offer residents a specific ASB / crime WhatsApp group to let us know immediately when they have become aware of a problem. We can only deal with what we know and then also raise the matter at the SNT Ward Panel. Please let us know if you wish to become a Neighbourhood Watch member and part of a Parkview WhatsApp group. Register for Neighbourhood Watch here and join the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch group. You can then ask to join a WhatsApp group Parkview specific.

car found vandalised on 31. March 2022, we will make daily rounds and add victim’s cars as they occur.

Protect your car against criminals break-ins by not leaving any valuables or tech items in plain sight. Also you are advised to use a security attachment for blue badges. car crime prevention advice here

Community Safety Pledge


Neighbourhood Watch members pledge to

  • Promote a culture that does not tolerate harmful language, antisocial behaviour and hostility towards others
  • Enable others to identify and take an active stance to prevent harassment, antisocial behaviour and intimidation within our community.
  • Actively encourage and support others to Report harassment, antisocial behaviour and intimidation and share intelligence about these crimes to the relevant authorities
  • Support those affected by harassment, antisocial behaviour and intimidation and refer victims to relevant support agencies

Keeping your home safe

A free online course, delivered via Zoom, to those wanting to know more about home safety in and around the home, especially adapted session for people in inner cities.

You are cordially invited to book onto a free event I am hosting. Bookings are via Eventbrite.

Keep yourself, home, possessions safe for city dwellers

This will be for Saturday, 19. February 5pm. Duration ca 1 hour, depending on questions raised.

Course delivery via Zoom.

Once booked onto the course, you can log onto the course on the date/time specified.

Swan rescue on Parkview Estate

Today, 4th. January 2022, we started the year with the dramatic rescue of a swan, who flew into one of our trees along Sewardstone Road. A resident called the Fire brigade at 9:15. Fire brigade arrived with 2 engines and rescued the swan from the tree. The swan was stuck for a mere 45 minutes. The fire brigade reacted quickly and did their best.

Two members from a Swan Rescue organisation, took the swan and put the animal, barely alive, into their car to attempt to save the animal.

Thank you

Just want to express a heartfelt thank you to our caretakers and maintenance staff who regularly keep our estate clean.

We really do appreciate your tireless efforts to keep stairs, walk ways, waste and recycling areas to a good standard. It can’t always be easy with some people dumping rubbish without regard to the rest of us. Caretakers always try their best to manage dumped rubbish and keep overflowing bins at a reasonable standard until waste collections take place. To report a waste problem you can use the LYN App and also up-load a picture of your concern.

Please respect our caretakers.

Also thank you to our local Safer Neighbourhood Team officers who come and patrol our estate to ensure our safety. They are always available to contact by email and by phone 0208 721 2849. Though their shift patterns vary, you can leave a message. If you want to get a reference for your contact please use the online SNT Met Service.

Food hampers delivered

Festive food parcels were delivered to elderly, vulnerable residents on Parkview estate, who cherished them and thanked all the volunteers to bought, assembled, prepared and delivered the food.

We also want to praise those elderly residents who would not open the door unless a person well known to them came to the door.

This was provided by the Parkview Residents Association and helped by main watch co-ordinator Johanna, who left Neighbourhood Watch cards inside the parcels with contact information. Any residents needing support over the festive period, please do not hesitate to contact. We are online via

You may also contact