Have your say on policing priorities

As Neighbourhood Watch coordinator I do not get to know about all problems, so cannot argue on your behalf unless you inform me. However you have the opportunity to voice your preferences and ask for special attention to Parkview by using this online Met Police voting portal. The more people vote, the more resources may be allocated to our area.


Screenshot from Met Police website for Bethnal Gren area

As the statistics for December 2019 show, the recorded crime rate for our Bethnal Green area is well above average.

The average crime rate  of

  • London 8
  • Tower Hamlets 9
  • Bethnal Green 11

is very concerning.

There are

  • 21 residential burglaries
  • 19 cases of theft
  • 17 cases of harrassment

Whilst the Safer Neighbourhood Panel, held in conjunction with our local Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team decides on a quarterly basis, which areas of Bethnal Green they dedicate their manpower to, it is essential for residents to voice their preferences.

Not every area has people available to attend the SNT Panel meetings but we have the option to voice our concerns.

Whilst the statistics do not show that the majority of crimes are committed in and around Parkview, it is concerning that they take place in our relatively small area of Bethnal Green.

Please act quickly as the next quarterly meeting will be held next week.

criminals operate on the estate

I have noticed people in yellow vests, looking like care takers rummaging through rubbish bins and also on one occasion a person wearing a Tower Hamlets Homes vest knocked on my door and asked to be let in to test the water temperature in my bath room. I contacted Tower Hamlets Homes who have nobody doing such a job. Neither did the man have any ID.

Many people now use fake vests to pretend to be from an organisation. It is very important to not open the door without the safety chain in place until you know who is there and that you can trust them.

Many mail order firms now text you an estimated arrival time or even let you trace the whereabouts of the delivery driver online.

Those criminals in person are the ones you can see but those who contact us using the phone or email are another danger to our safety and security. Advice about phishing is given on this page and widely availabel online.

I had a call on my phone screaming at me to immediately push a number button or I shall be arrested. Probably they rented a premium line and I would have been charged a lot for answering the call or they wanted details of my bank accounts.

It is safe to use a landline with an answer machine and only answer once the caller speaks onto the tape and you know who is calling and then answer the call rather than answering any call without knowing who calls. Some caller displays show incorrect numbers, which I noticed when I reported such a case to Action Fraud action-fraud-logo-bigto make a complaint. click this link to get to their website.


Stay safe.

Hiring the Glasshouse


Karen Miller from Ray’s parties behind the counter

I am sorry to tell you that I was forced to take down the pages, which enabled residents and community members to enquire about the use of the Glasshouse for family occasions via this website.

In fact, I have been criticised by a committee member that the online form, which enabled the community to enquire about the use of the Glasshouse for social purposes, or other reasons, caused a lot of extra work when no Secretary was available.

I offered to be the Secretary but was not accepted for the post last year and was told I could only be the Secretary for this year, if I remove the form that enabled people to enquire about hiring the Glasshouse for social purposes.

You get my drift.

Actually I am a fully qualified secretary and worked in that capacity for years, even running my own business providing secretarial services. However, I find it unacceptable that I could only be the secretary of the Parkview TRA if I close down the page that enables people to enquire about hiring the Glasshouse. Therefore I stepped down from the committee and quit support for TRA events.

They still will advertise their events with staircase posters.

As a member of Neighbourhood Watch I totally understand how important it is for the local community to have social occasions in affordable spaces. I know of people who got married at the Glasshouse and never forget the evening when I hosted a magician party for my daughter’s birthday there.

May I recommend that people who find it too difficualt to hire social spaces for private parties, that they complain to their Councillor or MP to look into the availability for social spaces in the area. Please ensure to state that you want to hire for an event without amplified music.

You are very welcome to also contact me via the contact page to state your problems about this.

I understand that at the most recent AGM, there was some very stark criticism about the previous chair of the TRA. I have not yet seen the minutes of that meeting but just wanted to lend support to the community.

Crime statistics

A useful tool allows us to see what the crime statistics for our area are like. This website lets you selects the Safer Neighbourhood Area and see the crimes recorded over the previous year ‘ till December 2019.

The average crime rate is 229.12 per 1.000 residents, which unfortunately makes 1/5 of us victims of some crime.


Crime peaks during the summer months.

Residents concerned with issues please contact the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. Often reporting problems is just a matter of finding the confidence to do so.

The statistics above rely to the whole of Bethnal Green.

You can sign up for a Community Safety letter published by Tower Hamlets council sign up at:

  • www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/signup
  • provide an email address
  • select ‘Community Safety’ from the bulletin options
  • automatically receive all future editions to your inbox.


Website news

Allow me to explain to followers and readers of this website, that the changes to the title of the blog and the under-title have been changed on request of the Parkview Residents Association.

The Residents Association, at the latest committee meeting has decided to ask me, as the publisher of the website, to change the appearance of the blog to make clear that an individual, myself, runs this blog and not the Residents Association, even though I am a member of the committee but could not attend the meeting due to health reasons.

I am happy to change the name of the blog and because I have been a tenant on this estate since 1989, I state this in the title. I am not certain whether the Residents Association, which is mainly made up of leaseholders, want to distance themselves from this website because I am a tenant.

However only 2 years ago, the secretary of the TRA asked me for permission to allow THH to link to this website as community website, whilst now they are trying to distrance themselves from it.

This website was established with funds from the Metropolitan Police. Those who reside on this estate since a longer time, may remember that I had started a Neighbourhood Watch on the estate and regularly went door to door and invited residents to meetings of the Neighbourhood Watch. I was then also sent on a residential crime-fighter course and had even been invited to meet with Gordon Brown at the Rich-Mix. I also had been Chair of the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association.

Most Residents Associations also affiliate to Neighbourhood Watch but the current Association has not commented on this. I have also always intended to be politically neutral and only post on matters important to local residents and the surrounding area.

We organised a Big Lunch coinciding with the Queen’s Jubilee, which was transmitted by the BBC as well. All pictures of former community occasions are on this blog as much as possible.

At that time the Glasshouse was run by the Miller family.

The website was always open to all residents to contribute to, any resident can ask to write articles under their own name.

Tower Hamlets Homes had asked for permission to link to this website as part of the Parkview Community.

It is now a very new development that the new Parkview Residents Committee has asked me to change the name of the site to ensure to make it clear that the website is run by myself, even though I have been involved with the community since decades. It is not possible the change the name of an URL. A URL is owned by the person or organisaton who buys it.

I am also publishing the Twitter feed of the Parkview Residents Association. If readers wish to comment on the issue, please note that only communications aimed at Neighbourhood Watch and the editor will be answered by myself, mails to the Secretary will be answered by the Residents Association, who for some reasons, unknown to me, want to distance themselves from this part of the community.