Crime and ASB reporting

Please see the attached CRIME_ASB_REPORTING document that shows you in detail how to report a number of criminal and Anti-social-behaviour related problems.



SNT street briefings

The next local Safer Neighbourhoods Street Briefings will be held on

9:00AM – 10:00AM, Wed 11 July 2018

Roman Road jn. Globe Road

If residents can make it, you can talk to local officers and voice concerns or discuss issues on the spot.

Find out about all local Police public events by visiting the Met Police website here.

The twitter feed @MSPBethnalGreen also publishes all events.

Burglary in Rosebery House

Recently a flat, shared by several persons has been burgled with all laptops stolen. That is very worrying, especially also that there are now increasingly noisy incidences happening around the back of the house with cars being driven around noisily.

For the purpose of preventing burglaries may I recommend the following, which is especially important in shared dwellings:

  • Always keep the balcony doors locked
  • keep internal rooms individually locked when out
  • ensure that the front door locks are changed each time a resident in a shared flat changes.

To report suspicious and/or disturbing activities keep logs of

  • number of persons
  • descriptions of persons
  • time of occurence
  • car registration numbers
  • take photos if possible but only supply to the police.

Please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood team with all information and use their e-mail to send it through. If you need the e-mail please contact the webmaster here.

You can also report concerns via the MET Police or Bethnal Green section website. 

But if there is an ongoing incident ring 101 or 999 if a crime is in progress.

I shall discuss this issue at the next Neighbourhood Safety Panel in the near future as well. The police will need direct reports from all residents who have problems to be able to act upon it.

Police action around Sidney House

pcscooterOn Wednesday 9th May 2018, following on from residents’ concerns regarding drug dealing and ASB issues, Bethnal Green SNT officers carried out patrols and conducted searches near SIDNEY HOUSE, OLD FORD ROAD, E2.  During the area search we found 30 small bags each containing an amount of herbal cannabis inside.  This was found under the seat of a hidden/ abandoned motor scooter parked nearby, which by the pungent smell alone, drew officers towards it.  Another nearby search also recovered a hidden 8 inch bladed kitchen knife as well as a 20 inch bladed zombie-style knife.

Both drugs and weapons have now been removed from the streets of Bethnal Green Ward.  It also sends out a message to those hanging around, that police are aware of what they are doing and also shows that we take residents’ concerns seriously


Ward Panel AGM 2018

I attended the Bethnal Green Ward Panel last night and had no major problems to report that I am aware of.

We have been handed a sheet with statistics of reported crime since April 2017 and within the 9 Major classes

there were few rises within the last 12 months:

  • Burglary rise from 17 to 28
  • Other offences rise from 6 to 10
  • Robbery rise from 5 to 6
  • Sexual offences rise from 1 to 7

Other categories saw big falls:

  • Criminal damage down from 17 to 11
  • Drugs* down from 7 to 5
  • Theft and handling down from 87 to 56
  • Violence against the person down from 73 to 56

*It is likely that the real drugs figure is significantly higher, due to a lack of reporting of those offences.

It is extremely important for all residents to report all incidences of any criminal activity to the local Police. Intelligence reports including:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Place
  • car number plates
  • person description
  • activity description

should be made by

  • phone, 101 or your local SNT officer or Crime stoppers 0800 555 111
  • email
  • online on the MET website or using the SNT contact online.
  • All ongoing crime needs to be reported via 999.

In non urgent cases police resources are allocated according to the number of complaints received, so if you complain we are likely to get more resources to solve our problems.

May I take this opportunity to invite residents to put themselves on the MET mailing list and/or register with OWL the local information system, that keeps you up-dated with all local activities.