Break-in alert

A leaseholder neighbour from Piggott House had his door kicked in at 18:15 yesterday evening, he says somebody had gone through his belongings but nothing was apparently taken.

Neighbours heard a noise but thought nothing of it.

It is difficult to hear where a noise comes from and finding out what it is. On estates noises are hard to source; and with building work going on in many places it is hardly possible to call emergency services for every aggressive noise one hears.

Whilst I do not want to advocate the view that it is the dwellers fault that their doors kicks in easily and they make it easy for the burglars, I would still recommend that residents install a multi-bolt secure door.

Whilst I do not want to advertise any particular manufacturer, a Google search results in many suitable doors being available.

Perhaps if any readers have seen anything yesterday and retrospectively remember any useful information please inform your local Safer Neighbourhoods Officer or ring 101 or crime stoppers help out anonymously as well on the number 0800 555 111.

National Cybercrime survey

I am an old hand in electronic communiations. I can immediately tell when an e-mail is malicious, fraudulent or plain nonsense.

Many fraudulent e-mails appear genuine and can fool recipients.

An easy trick to tell if an e-mail is from the promised sender is click on the contact and see the e-mail address it comes from. If it pretends to be from a bank but the e-mail address is obviously different from the bank’s domain, delete the whole thing and if you have the time (recommended) inform the institution the e-mail pretends to come from.

But to help combat cybercrime better please complete this survey.

ASB on Parkview

Concerns about anti-social behaviour particularly in the southern parts of the estate are being discussed tonight 22 June 2016 at the

Glasshouse at 7pm. Please attend to meet

  • the new housing officer Yasmin Nahim
  • Resident engagement officer from THH Allyson Matthews
  • THH ASB officer Tracey Barrett

It is not clear whether any police will attend.


Lift parts stolen at Sankey House

Wednesday 8th October between 23:00 and 23:30 is the time Tower Hamlets suggests the theft took place and asks anybody who might have seen something to call them on 0207 364 5015.

It is however much to be emphasized that Parkview Neighbourhood Watch petitioned for CCTV in our blocks. Sankey House has no door entry system as well as no CCTV.

Crime figures for May 2012

The Ourwatch website has improved considerably so that any person being registered can instantly call up a set of crime figures to a criteria they can chose from a range of options. For May 2012 a total of 230 crimes were recorded by the Police for Bethnal Green North, which is an above average figure and is roughly a 10% crime for the whole population.

The biggest slice of crime is Anti-social behaviour at 40.9 %, followed by shop lifting at 16.1%. 10% is drug related and 8.7% burglary.

I think we as Neighbourhood Watch have no reason to be complacent.

On or near Sewardstone Road, we had 1 criminal damage/arson and 1 burglary. 3 anti-s0cial behaviours, 2 vehicle and 2 violent crime.