Doctors protest

The GPs’ Newby Place Surgery demo at 2pm on November 21 is demanding that “the NHS is not up for sale”, organised by the Unite Health Service Union.

If people can support this demo it would help us, as a community a lot.

I personally noticed how appointments at my GP practise have changed. There is no longer an option to ring in and get an appointment a few weeks in advance if there is nothing available immediately.

I now have to juggle between ringing the surgery, looking up on Patient Access, ringing 111 or going to the surgery to get any appointment.

Digital technology is ‘hoovering up’ patients.

“This is draining NHS resources to the private sector,” the union’s Tower Hamlets chair Dr Jackie Applebee said in an interview with the East London Advertiser. “It reduces GPs funding for the chronically ill and the elderly because it is ‘cherry picking’ the young and the rich.”

Also doctors have demanded that home visits are no longer part of their work load. Yet, my life was once saved by a GP home visit who came to see me after the A&E had sent me home when I went there previously.

We really need to be aware that our local health services are changing and ensure we do not have a detrimental loss of services.

Whilst television programs urge people not to visit A&E in the first instance because of the already long waiting times, I found it impossible to get an emergency appointment from my surgery quickly too.



Worrying breakdown in local services

I have never experienced such a breakdown in local services.

  1. Our local secondary school, Raine’s Foundation is under threat of closure
  2. 2. Our local GP, The Mission Practise is refusing* to give patients appointments.
  3. The London Chest Hospital was closed some time ago.

Taking this as a sign of a reduction in local services, residents should be concerned and make enquiries to their local Member of Parliament, their Councillor and perhaps the Mayor of Tower Hamlets as to why our local services are not delivering the care our community needs.

*Online appointments are normally not available and when ringing, one can not get an advance appointment all times.