Help choose electrical charging points

We contacted the Mayor of Tower Hamlets last year to ask for more electrical charging points, also for houseboats because our residents suffer from the effects of coal being burned in boats on the canal.

It has now been announced that Tower Hamlets council has approved 400 new Electric vehicle charging points and residents can suggest the installation locations.

Residents can suggest a location for a new EV charging point as part of a consultation launched on Tuesday 5 October.

We assume that is in addition to the built in lamp post charging points.

Fight to save Raines Foundation Secondary School continues at Call-In Meeting Tuesday 18th February 6.30 p.m.

The local community won’t stop fighting for our local Church of England Secondary school located in Approach Road, just around the corner from our estate.

protest-bannerWe have a few pupils from local families attending and we would all be very sad to see the school close.

The Mayor has decided on the closure on 29. January 2019 but two members of the Childrens and Education Sub-committee Scrutiny Panel, Dr. Phillip Rice and Councillor Ahmed Hussain, have called in the decision.

Any member of the public can attend this meeting at the Town Hall.

As your parent representative on the Steering Group, you may contact me with your concerns about the planned closure via the contact page.

Parents are concerned that the planned amalgamation is not going ahead as thought because the Lower School building is as yet not available for Oaklands pupils to use. Parents need to make their preferences available by 28. February.

I would be very happy if the planned closure was cancelled.

Source: Fight to save Raines Foundation Secondary School continues at Call-In Meeting Tuesday 18th February 6.30 p.m.

Worrying breakdown in local services

I have never experienced such a breakdown in local services.

  1. Our local secondary school, Raine’s Foundation is under threat of closure
  2. 2. Our local GP, The Mission Practise is refusing* to give patients appointments.
  3. The London Chest Hospital was closed some time ago.

Taking this as a sign of a reduction in local services, residents should be concerned and make enquiries to their local Member of Parliament, their Councillor and perhaps the Mayor of Tower Hamlets as to why our local services are not delivering the care our community needs.

*Online appointments are normally not available and when ringing, one can not get an advance appointment all times.

Liveable Steets Bow Consultation

Only one week left to have your say on changes to Bow as part of Liveable Streets. Add your thoughts and ideas for your neighbourhood to the online interactive map by Tues 21st May.

Please follow the link for all details on how to participate through drop-in sessions or online.


The consultation is part of TfL’s and Mayor of London’s Liveable Neighbourhoods funding in which Bow is one of the first neighbourhoods to be improved under Tower Hamlets Council’s own Liveable Streets programme.

Homelessness Strategy 2018 – 2023

Homelessness and especially manifested and prolonged homelessness has a big impact on our borough and the quality of life for everybody in the borough.

It has emerged that some homeless groups now start to wear high-viz vests and look like officials of some sort and congregate around certain areas with aggressive begging becoming concerning.

Tower Hamlets Council currently holds a consultation on the forthcoming strategy to tackle the issue. A decision is due by 28. November 2018.

Consultation via the

  • homelessness Partnership Board
  • Mail out and presentation through the Tower Hamlets Housing Forum
  • Workshops with residents
  • online consultation with the general public, draft document and survey
  • internal Briefings

An Equality Impact Assessment is due by 17. September 2018

Any additional information can be obtained through

I strongly recommend that all residents take part on the online consultation once available.

Please download the street-link app to help those unfortunate members of our community who sleep outside.

Step 1. See a rough sleeper Step 2. Open the Streetlink App Step 3. Enter rough sleepers details Step 4. A professional will attend that rough sleeper


Chest Hospital development proposals

Since a planning application has been formally filed with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets with ref: PA/16/03342, locals will want to discuss the impact this new development will have on the wider community.

The proposed development will include 350 new flats and 7-storey buildings.

The Public meeting welcomes all at the

Glasshouse Community Centre, 161 Old Ford Road on

Thursday 12th January 7pm – 8:30 pm.

On the agenda are

  • Heritage issues with Tom Ridge
  • the impact the development has on your home and neighbourhood
  • how we can influence proposals.

All residents can make submissions to the planning department until 23rd January 2017. Come along nd talk about this with other concerned residents


Please use the form to submit online queries:

New challenges for Parkview Estate

Recently an e-mail has been received from a concerned resident and member of the TRA with the following wording: “… the estate currently faces big challenges with the developments of the Gatehouse school and the Chest hospital threatening to block light from residents’ homes. Also it seems as though the future of the Glasshouse could be in jeopardy with a Council audit of all community buildings/assets.”

That is of course interesting news for all of us.

It’s the End of East End Life

Parliament passed a resolution yesterday that forbids councils to issue more than 4 newspapers per year. So bye, bye East End Life on a weekly basis. I think it might have a positive effect that interest groups get a better airing and not all views are drowned out by the weekly free-sheet popping through our door, whether we want this or not.

Here is the link to the report in the East London Advertiser who has suffered quite a lot of loss of business I suspect just because people get a free paper each week. But it is not, as previously said about the free paper its about being told what to think each week. It has come to the stage that people only believe what they read in East End Life and if its not in East End Life people won’t accept it. This has important implications on the freedom of the press.

I am glad that the publishing door opens up to all those who want to publish their independent views from the council.