Parkview Jubilee Tea Party

We will be holding a street party on Parkview Estate on 3. June 2022 from 2pm – 6pm.

We have tables along the road, outside of the Glasshouse with free food and drink available, weather permitting. If it rains, we’ll move the party into the Glasshouse.

There will be the following competitions

Bake off, best bake wins £30

Conditions, cake or cup-cakes, other bake-ware must be home-made and brought to the event for sharing after the judging. Prize giving at 4pm. Picture of winner to be published.

Best model of a Royal wins £30

Conditions, make a model of your favourite royal out of any material, must be self-made not bought. Prize giving at 4pm. Picture of winner to be published.

Best crown made of waste materials wins £10

Conditions, make a crown out of waste material, best home made crown wins £10. Prize giving at 4pm, picture of winner to be published.

Parkview Residents Association Gardening group will giveaway free plants

Bring your own food if you have specialist dietary needs. Meet others and have friendly chats.

Positivity Tree

‘Who we lost during Covid’ attributes on our ‘Positivity Tree’. Bring laminated pictures to be attached to the tree. You are also welcome to attach decorations fitting for the memory of your loved ones.

Plant a wild flower patch

Use a bee-friendly flower seed mix to plant a wild flower patch and watch it grow over the year

Sing a song

anybody can delight the crowd with song/s not amplified. This has to stop at 5pm.

The party is strictly non-alcoholic.

All children must be accompanied by responsible adults and all adults in need of care also must be accompanied by a carer. Lost children must be collected within 15 minutes or police will be called for all children under the age of 10 or if learning disabled.

Tables are laid out on the through road from St. James’ Avenue entrance to Old Ford Road exit and cars cannot use that stretch of road for the whole afternoon from 10AM til 7:30 pm.

Parking bays will be suspended for most of the day. Bays from corner of Sydney Hse, mark 1 to the exit into Old Ford Road, will be suspended from 10AM – 19:30.

All accidents must be reported to the desk and entered into an accident book. There will be an emergency First Aider

This event is organised by Parkview Neighbourhood Watch in conjunction with the Parkview Residents Association.


We make fruit and veggies available on the tables. All other food must be collected from the Glasshouse kitchen counter. We cannot cater for people with special food preferences or allergies because of the open character of the event. If you have food allergies, please bring your own food.


If possible bring your own mug but we also have mugs available. Tea will be served at the table but can also be collected at the food counter.


If you live on the estate, please use your own toilets to avoid congestion in the Glasshouse.

Emergency First Aider: Johanna Kaschke
Lost children: Madison Taylor


We are looking for reliable volunteers. The following positions are available

  • Supervising the playground area (requires advanced DBS check)
  • putting up bunting
  • checking for left-over rubbish and clear this away
  • checking sanitary areas regularly (requires DBS check)
  • checking for hazardous materials, which could endanger the event (experience required)
  • get tables out into the road
  • decorate the Glasshouse hall
  • securing the street closure, internal estate (experience required)
  • judging the bake-off cake submissions
  • judging the ‘model of a royal’ figure submissions
  • judging the ‘best crown’ submissions
  • supervising the hall (DBS check required

Please contact us with your application here.

The positivity tree project no longer takes place because the types of trees we have available are all quite tall and it is difficult to attach items to the trees without damaging the tree bark.