Lift maintenance consultation

Tower Hamlets Homes need your help. Their current contract with Precision Lifts is coming to an end. Please complete this survey so THH can ensure any new contract reflects the needs of our residents. Thank you

Tower Hamlets Homes is responsible for servicing, repairing, and maintaining a total of 327 Passenger Lifts in our medium and high-rise blocks. This does not include maintenance of newly installed lifts that may still be within the warranty period. THH also service, repair and maintain 166 items of disabled lifting equipment for tenants/households with mobility difficulties and install new equipment for tenants upon instruction from Occupational Health.  

The current contract for the repairs and maintenance of lifts and disabled lifting equipment (stair-lifts, step-lifts, through-floor lifts, hoists etc) is held by Precision Lifts and will expire in 2022. As part of the re-procurement process, THH would like to hear from you to ensure our new contract reflects the needs of our residents.