Bethnal Green SNT newsletter

The latest SNT newsletter was sent out yesterday and it shows that officers now share three wards between them to patrol. Bethnal Green, St. Peter’s and Stepney Green.

It’s good they patrol, stairwells, ASB hotspots; they even check whether people in supermarkets and public transport are wearing their masks and carry out re-assurance visits.

That is all in the face of police budget cut-backs.

We have our next Parkview Neighbourhood Watch online virtual meeting on 1. December 2020 18:00. and I ask all who want to take part to email me to get admitted to the meeting. Email please state your address when emailing me, which will be kept confidential and not published anywhere. We work in full compliance with Data Protection laws. We do not share your details with any third parties without your permission. If you want to join Parkview Neighbourhood Watch please register here and apply for membership.

Police distribute their manpower to those areas that get most complained about. If people don’t complain they don’t know. We can only help those who complain. How to complain about crime and ASB please visit our website or the website of the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association.

It is very important that people complain because the criminals and those causing problems will always go to the areas where people complain the least.
Anonymous crime reporting:
Tel: 0800 555111

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