Chest hospital development approved

I am happy to say that the former Chest hospital has finally gotten the go-ahead for development. Planning App Ref: PA/16/03342.

whilst I, if given a choice, would always prefer a social housing development, I would also equally strongly oppose rotting buildings and decaying areas.

It will be a huge stimulus to our local area, when the former Chest Hospital gets developed. Shiny new buildings will look good in our neighbourhood.

Apparently also the last SNT Ward Panel has declared our estate as the most crime-free in the area.

We should make our future neighbours feel welcome.

Crest Nicholson. Grid Architects.

4 thoughts on “Chest hospital development approved

  1. Comment received via email: “Hi Parkview neighborhood watch,

    My name is (withheld) and I rent a flat with my partner (withheld) over on Wilmot St in Bethnal Green. Last week we were walking past the old London Chest Hospital and we were talking about what an interesting beautiful place it was (through the cracks in the fence that we could see!)

    When we got home we started looking up what was the plan for the site and found your interesting blog. We saw that planning permission had just been granted for a new development. When I read the planning application it includes provision for 13 affordable one bedrooms.

    We are currently looking for a shared ownership place to buy as we love it here and (withheld) grew up down the road in Stratford, so it’s close to his Dad; but it’s all so expensive and not much affordable housing seems to come up, we are struggling to find any affordable places in Bethnal Green. I work for the Red Cross and (withheld) works for the government so we don’t earn big city salaries.

    It seems you are really well informed about the lovely area – have you heard of any mailing lists or meetings etc about where local residents can apply to go on the waiting list for the affordable flats? Any information you have would be much appreciated. We would love to be future neighbours!

    Best wishe..”

  2. As far as I know it’s Crest Nicholson who sell the properties and who are responsible for the development. They have taken it off their website when their application had been refused previously, but I suspect they will offer properties for sale there from their website.

    As soon as I hear something else, I will let you know.

  3. Another comment received via email, which I shall publish anonymously, but it reflects the sentiment of protesters is: “My own observation is that developers such Crest Nicholson keep trying to diminish any element of social provision even as their schemes are being constructed. On top of this shared ownership schemes haven’t always proved beneficial to their tenants in recent years. Developers are ruthlessly interested in their own profits and benefits. They should be treated with great caution, particularly by prospective purchasers who may lack experience of ownership. I hope that doesn’t sound too much of a downer. I think what you are asking is a very reasonable question. “

  4. And to further elaborate into the private, profit oriented housing market is an article about the financial difficulties of private developers, which can be read here, as it shows how much they depend on making a profit to be able to supply housing. A reflection of our political system perhaps:” ” it describes adequately the problems house builders had in 2009, including Crest Nicholson and Barratt during the financial crisis.
    I don’t think any housing provider can work well in a crises not even a social one.

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