Covid-19 and communal areas

I have had complaints that there is not enough care taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in communal areas especially in housing communal areas.

I would strongly suggest a common sense approach.

See the brilliant THH Covid-19 poster. Unfortunately it is not in all blocks or entrances

The common sense approach is to

  • wear a face covering when entering the communal areas
  • have your own bottle of hand sanitizer with you
  • only one person at a time in a lift or only members of the same household together
  • when using stairs keep 2 meters apart
  • of course there are exceptions for people with a carer
  • When leaving the lift after entering your dwelling, wash your hands, remove the face mask.
  • Regularly cleanse and disinfect areas like door knobs, other surfaces you touch regularly like sides of doors, light switches.

We hope that all residents and local area users can enjoy good health. Please look at the recommended health advice on various providers