Estate notice boards

I welcome the installation of estate notice boards. On this one there is plenty of room to post items. However, I find myself unable to put a Neighbourhood Watch notice into one of them. THH tells me it is the Residents Association who has exclusive access and the chair of the Residents Association does not give me access. However I will email them again about it.

So I am currently approaching people to convince them that organisations such as Neighbourhood Watch work in the best interest of the community.

THH should be welcoming Neighbourhood Watch groups with open arms as they always complaint that they do not have enough resources to reduce ASB on estates.

A Neighbourhood Watch exists on Parkview since 2007 and our crime figures are really low.

I just wanted to put a perpetual leaflet about Neighbourhood Watch into the notice board because of the 50% of people who do not use the Internet in Tower Hamlets. It is also much more environmentally friendly to use a notice boards rather than leaflets in excess of 350 dwellings on a regular basis. All leaflets produce a carbon footprint.

But unfortunately our community liaison officer Yasmin Aktar is not very forthcoming. She refers me to the SNT police or the TRA to solve the issue.

At present I am writing to all housing providers and the council to enable the possibility for Neighbourhood Watch to be advertised on all communal notice boards and in libraries. It is a legitimate and useful organisation, which keeps completely within the law.

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