simply horrible

I can’t contain my dismay about the horrible planting scheme that the Parkview TRA has put upon us. I am not the only resident who has a view onto spent wildflowers. They look horrible for most of the year.

Here is how this came about.

  1. The Goodgym Tower Hamlets dug up the lawn
  2. The Parkview TRA planted wildflower seeds.

The Parkview gardening Volunteers prepare a lawn area for mixed natural habitat planting. Doesn’t it remind us of Extinction Rebellion diggin up the lawn in Cambridge?

wild flowers

the spent wildflowers look simply horrible.

I can understand the environmental benefit of wildflowers but why put them into such a prominent location where we have to look at the stalks for most of the year. There are plenty of remote location, which cannot be overlooked so prominently around the estate.

Please click through to some Gardeners World prize gardens if you want to look at some nice gardens.

PS: Today on 26. July 2020, the dry stalks have been removed and it looks slightly better. Pic to follow.

However I am objecting to this scheme being the responsibility of the TRA because there seems to be no clarity as to how many people ctually are responsible. All residents should be clearly informed whose responsiblity it is to mend such plant schemes and what their names and contact details are. The TRA changes each year or more often, so who is liable for the mess if it happens?

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