Progress ideas for Parkview estate

To make a real difference environmentally, it would be a great way forward to instal

  • solar panels on the roofs of our blocks
  • change existing gas central heating for ground heat
  • forbid all use of gas cookers in dwellings
  • Helping all residents to have induction cookers
  • plant the area around houses with environmentally friendly planting, which needs little maintenance but attracts butterflies, bees, insects and small mammals like hedgehogs.

I suppose it would save our residents money if they could benefit from solar panels on the roofs of our houses. And gas central heating is on the way out as generally gas is seen as not only dangerous but also not environmentally friendly to use.

Of course traffic stopping measures are already being taken and ways to promote walking and cycling are most welcome.

What I do not support is the way Extinction Rebellion uses our community centre for activities, which are not ground breaking, e.g. planning events that spray graffiti on roads and interfere with safety marking, plastering posters over buildings and stopping traffic, which in itself produces higher carbon emissions.

I understand that the bees on the roof idea has been scrapped, I thoroughly welcome that decision and suggest we use the roofs for solar panels instead.

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