Petula pendula Landscaping on Parkview

Betula pendula Finland.jpg
By Percita at FlickrFlickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

I have to make a correction to a previous post. I have been reliably informed that the trees in front of No. 2 Rosebery House and No. 1 Sankey House have actually been planted by Tower Hamlets Homes and are Silver Birches. Betula pendula

Silver Birches reach a height of 14 meters and need to be at least 10 meters away from any house. THH planted those trees 3 meter respectively 4 meters within the perimeters of the flats.

I assume they were planted as part of Tower Hamlets pledge to plant trees in the borough. However the residents in both Sankey and Rosebery House, who are affected by these trees will see the light influx extremely reduced. The roots of the trees may also cause structural damage to the houses.

I have made a formal complaint as there is little point in taking residents’ light away. The trees need to be planted in suitable positions and not just dropped in front of people’s flats so that LBTH can say they planted trees.

I keep you up-dated, because the council will have 4 weeks to answer and then a complaint has to go through stages before it can be taken to the ombudsman.

There is the remote possibility that either the council, as the responsible owner of the land and/or Tower Hamlets Homes want the foundations of Rosebery House to weaken to enable development of the block. Rosebery House is a low 3-storey block, surrounded by 5-storey blocks. It is a preservation area.

Previously suggestions were made to built in the football pitch, the area between Gatehouse school and Rosebery House, which were opposed.

Obviously the amount of deep-rooted trees that are allowed to grow, very near the foundations of the house and all around it, will have an effect on the foundations as we get increasingly dry summers, which will increase the potential damage to the house, see source. There are many THH managed properties in the borough and most of them are properly managed in respect of flora and fauna around them. So why do they systematically run down Rosebery House and increase the amount of trees around the block?

Of course they had the government grant for the external decoations but those trees, very near the building will do a lot of damage to it.


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