local health services

I am writing to ask residents wether they have problems getting GP appointments or other local health services.

Health services are very important for our community and when I was told by my GP, with whom I am registered since a very long time, that they do nto have any appointments at all, I found that very concerning.

Situations like that call for formal complaints. If any other residents have problems of that sort, please complain and raise the issue with a local councillor.

3 thoughts on “local health services

  1. Hi Joanna you have to now have an oine account with GP. You can access appoiintments there also. Plus if you call at 8am or whenever the GP ipens you can get an appointent on the day as cancellations come in.

    • Good morning, I do have an online account, it says there are no appointments available and when I rang yesterday, the telephone receptionist refused to give an appointment, as she said they did not have any. I then went on the Mission Practise online website and went onto the consultation link. I answered the online questions, to be told I urgently need to make an appointment. Ringing their number yesterday, I was put through to community services, which kept me in a permanent answer machine loop, as the practise was closed.

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