Successful cities grow

Traditionally Bethnal Green North, at the most northern tip of Tower Hamlets, bordering on the Regents Canal and Victoria Park was always a very tranquil and quiet area of Tower Hamlets and Bethnal Green.

A few schools, shops and churches, the London Chest Hospital, the Childhood Museum were the few attractions in the area.

The new influx of residents that new housing developments bring, I am certain,are most welcome by our local shopkeepers and I think we must embrace the new residents that the Crest Nicholson project at the former Chest Hospital site will bring and that we can expect in the next few years and help them feel welcome.

Personally I would not object to the building of desperately needed new housing. There are a few petitions against in circulation but they are not made available to all residents at all times. There are many petition website like 38 degrees or to name only two, that collect petition signatures easily. Even this website collected petition signatures in the past.

All residents have the opportunity to also object to the planning permission directly via Tower Hamlets Council’s website. This is a very open process and I think all democratic processes need to be transparent.

I think we need to embrace change and be open to it. The prices of the new dwellings should not stop them from being built. There are other channels to demand the lowering of rental prices of homes for rent, rather than not built the homes.



3 thoughts on “Successful cities grow

  1. Hi Johanna,

    There is a 38 Degrees petition about the Chest Hospital here, created by Parkview residents: and two more petitions here concerning matters of heritage by historian Tom Ridge:

    There has also been an objection letter written by two architects in response to the plans, which says from an architectural perspective that the design is not good for new residents (insufficient light etc), let alone for overshadowed residents of our own estate.

    all best,



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