Chest hospital up-date

A response from Catherine, to an earlier post deserves a main posting so that the content is easier available to readers. I copy Catherine’s reply here so that all residents can take note of it.

“There is a 38 Degrees petition about the Chest Hospital here, created by Parkview residents: and two more petitions here concerning matters of heritage by historian Tom Ridge:

There has also been an objection letter written by two architects in response to the plans, which says from an architectural perspective that the design is not good for new residents (insufficient light etc), let alone for overshadowed residents of our own estate.” But obviously there are many new estates that lack a lot of finesse but provide essential housing.

About the light issue I would say that, having resided on this estate since 1989 myself and living in the lowest block, geographically, we always had problems with light, being surrounded by higher blocks and also from trees. We also always had problems with TV reception, which we tried to remedy by subscribing to cable TV or Sky.

However it is hard for us to imagine how this towering block of dwellings will change our lives as the increase in occupational density will affect our lives. Like

  • more traffic
  • more pupils for local schools
  • more patients for doctor surgeries
  • more crime

Of course we’ll stay positive and welcome our new neighbours.

It is however hard to understand that despite the area being protected that such high blocks of flats, which completely overgrow the general level of housing would fit in with this area.

I am not certain to which standard the dwellings are built, whether they are as good as council house standards would be, whichever way, we most likely will have to adapt to the new housing in the area.

Cities tend to build higher generally and we need to wait for the planning committee’s decision on the matter.

I don’t think they will refuse the plans.



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