ASB up-dates

Having founded a Neighbourhood Watch scheme on this estate about 10 years ago, I have plenty of experience of problem solving.

As it still appears, the amount of reported concerns doesn’t match with the amount of reports received by various agencies.

There are several ways to report concerns, as the latest Tower Hamlets Homes newsletter shows. It has been put through letter boxes recently. The Met Police website also shows a ‘promises document’ published at the Bethnal Green SNT.

If people are concerned their calls are not received there are ways to report and receive a written acknowledgement with reference number. Both the Met Police website and the Tower Hamlets council website disperse received reference numbers for online reports. Residents contacting the SNT via e-mail also keep a receipt for their e-mails sent.

As for the environment, in our part of the estate, I cannot see that any shrubbery has been cut back since several months now. Shrubbery maintenance is an important part of crime control.

It is good to see that so many of you are concerned about having a peaceful home environment, thanks for that.


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