Review of community buildings

It is not meant to worry current users of community buildings like the Glasshouse but the council has a duty to periodically review the use of such property portfolio.

The review of the whole community buildings portfolio will investigate how these buildings are being currently used and managed, and as part of that [the Council] will consider how best to manage and deliver these types of uses in the future. The most likely outcome will be that where a property is well used and run by a strong TRA then [the Council] will be keen to continue that arrangement.

‘There will be a consultation process as part of the outcome of the review where user groups of community buildings will be able to raise comments which will all be fully considered – it very much depends on what the recommendations are in respect of each property and therefore the content and substance of such consultation. This will indeed be a collaborative piece of work and [the Council] will look forward to working with the TRA in due course.’
So all members of the Parkview Tenants and Residents Association and users of the Glasshouse Community Centre will have to show strong use of the facility in the course of the consultation.



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