Wild flowers

Posters have gone up with pretty poppies to tell us that next week the gardening service will spread wild flower seeds on this estate.
A survey asking people’s opinion came around a few months ago about this. I agree to the wild flowers but not to the individual garden plots. They do not yield anything mentionable and I do not need to learn where food comes from as I come from a farmer’s family so going to the shop for my greens is exercise enough for me. As Jay Rayner also mentioned in his recent presentation at the Idea Store, where he promoted his book “A greedy man in a hungry world”, garden plots on housing estate serve no other purpose than getting people out of the house (therapeutic) or teach children about growing things.
It is much more rewarding to go to the local market and get a fresh lot of fruit and veg.
People can always try to grow a few veggies on their balconies or windowsills. A gardening plot hardly yields any considerable amount of food.

I am surprised however that Tower Hamlets Homes, our landlord, sticks posters with sticky tape to our staircase walls, after they removed our display/notice boxes a couple of years ago.


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