Our Jubilee celebrations

Our celebrations to honour our Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee turned out to be a complete success. The weather wasn’t on our side but the alternative location, the Glasshouse community centre was full to capacity.

The speaker of Tower Hamlets with the “Queen”

We used both floors of the Glasshouse and children’s workshops downstairs were a great way to draw, make and write about the Jubilee and Queen Elizabeth.

The artistic performance contest was won by the Gospel Choir of the East End church that meets in the Glasshouse each Sunday. Keyboard player Neil came a close second and received his second prize in the shape of a chocolate rosette. 

Neil Thompson on the keyboard
East End Church Choir

The event was attended by a film team from Tower Hamlets Council, Mikke Brooke from the East London Advertiser and Anna O’Neill from BBC Radio London. Can be listened to till 10 June 2012. Link at around 3:10:00 – 3:14:15. Mr Brooke wrote an excellent article about our event published online and Anna O’Neill came with her radio antenna van onto the estate and made it look like a space station when the aerial extended.

Dominic Miller entered dancing with a break-dance routine
Cllr. Rajib Rahman with organiser Johanna

We received only positive feed-back from our guests with many praises for the music, delivered by Raymond of Ray’s Party’s and the service with a smile from Jackie Miller. There was a most commendable team of volunteers that helped me to serve the many guests who were brilliant and made the event successful and very enjoyable. The Queen can be proud of her subjects I dare say.

Not to forget the Speaker of Tower Hamlets opened the event that was also attended by a tent from Veolia to tell people about loving food without wasting it.

We share our spare resources of bunting and decorations with the Cranbrook Estate party, children’s material went to the St. John of Bethnal Green Sunday school and of course the Weaavers Fields Adventure play ground also gets food and decorations from us.

The party organisation was supported by Ray’s Parties who supplied the disc jockey, bouncy castle and Jackie Miller who made the Glasshouse available.

Here is a little reader’s caption competition, do you think Karen from Ray’s parties is tasting the food before she serves it to customers, or is she just hungry. What other caption  could you put onto the picture. £10 to the best entry. Closing date for entries is 30 June 2012. Entries to be published, please state if you allow your name to be published or want just the caption to appear.

Karen Miller from Ray’s parties behind the counter

1. Entry [Karen thinks] “A kingdom for a bit of Cllr Ahmed’s Queen’s Jubilee cake”.

2. Entry [Karen thinks] “tray befor you bay my carry is alright when you get it free”.

3. Entry [Karen thinks] “Oh no, not my mum’s cooking again, same day & night”

4. Entry [Karen thinks] ” MMMMmmm, Much too good for children”

5. Entry [Karen thinks] “mmmmmm, this is so good I want some more”.

The winner is entry 5, who got a £10 shopping voucher. Winner was chosen at the TRA meeting on 22 Oct. 2012.