Decent Homes program

TV aerials. We are still awaiting further news about the erection of communal digital aerials on all blocks. There are plans in progress to install bicycle storage around the estate for those who own personal bikes. Please get in touch if you are interested in motorbike storage also.

Rosebery House, is currently under Asbestos testing and all contractors working in the block have an asbestos warning issued. A sample was taken in a flat 10 days ago and we are awaiting results. But the decent homes program for Rosebery House is still going ahead. If Asbestos should be found this will be removed by shielding off the kitchen only most likely whilst the residents can remain in their properties.
The tenanted properties in 1-42 Rosebery House on the Parkview Estate are programmed for the new financial year 2012/13 to have their kitchens and bathrooms refurbished to the Decent Homes standard.

This will incorporate new kitchen units, retiling to the walls, new flooring and redecoration to the kitchen and the renewal of the baths and wc suite including new tiling to the walls and safety flooring to the bathroom.

THH are unable to confirm the commencement date, there will however be further consultation with residents regarding the scope of the decent homes works, residents choices and the contact details of the THH staff and the Contractors delivery teams.


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